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Women 8.1.1

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Third time's a charm.

This is the (n)th thread of my women-themed wallpaper folder that I have collected over time. Parts 1 through 7 can be found here, if they haven't 404'd, and if they have, as a wiser user than myself pointed out, they can be found at and you can just use the thread # provided to search for your desired 404'd thread:


I have some guidelines for what I've saved, to give you an idea what to expect, which are:

- Nudity is cool, but no visible vag or anus. I live with my wife and daughter and try to keep my papes "tasteful nudes", not "porn".

- No dudes in the picture.

- Visible feet are encouraged, but shouldn't be the focus (I have a mild foot fetish, but that's not what my wallpapers are about).

- As High Res as possible.

- The more "artistic" the picture the better. I'd rather a cool picture that happens to have a pretty girl in it rather than just a naked girl with nothing else.

Not all my papes follow all my rules, but if they don't, it's usually because there was just something about that pic in particular - the composition, the pose, etc. - that made me decide to add it.

Anyway, here they are, I hope you like them. If you have any that fit the theme, please post them, and if you see a girl that you like, let me know and I might have more of her that I can share.
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Banner Saga Style

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I'm looking for things in a similar style as Banner Saga and Sleeping Beauty. Not entirely sure how to describe it, will post a few. I'm also interested if ya know of other franchises in the same vein.
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Naruto Wallpapers Thread

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Give me your best Naruto related wallpapers.

Tank wallpapers

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Has anyone got an old fuckscape with the image of an m1a1 firing with huge fireball and a phrase that said something like "Kill it with fire" or something similar

Pic closely related

also Warporn thread?
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/comfy/ Winter edition

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Time for another edition of /comfy/

Anything with a cozy, brooding, winter feeling to it. Just no anime please.
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We are not alone

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Anything with aliens
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New England guy here again

Went for another hike, round 2 of sharing what I shot

Hope you enjoy them
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I'm sad :(

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Turning 31 today, any chance you could share your 3rd, or 1st paper? Much appreciated.
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