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Phone wallpaper

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Do you have more like right wing phonebackrounds ? I would appreciate some good ones

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does somebody have the windows XP hill wallpaper in HD ? I need it right now

God Tier

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Hi /wg/
I'm done with my b/w anime/manga album on Facebook and now going for colour versions.
Dump whatever you got and I'll be happy.
>>Pic related
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dr manhattan (or general watchmen) papes

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re-reading watchmen right now, absolutely loving it all over again, manhattan's chapters in particular
please share your watchmen wallpapers, preferrably ones with the comic version of the doc (not the snyder version) or really anything with this feel
sadly i don't have many to get this going, but let's try anyway
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I lost everything

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I lost all the data on my pc, including my beloved wallpapers.
I'm into simple stuff, mostly dark backgrounds with a single image, or dark soothing images.
I'll give a few examples.
If any of you could help me replenish my wallpaper folder, it would be extremely appreciated.
Thank you in advance, gentlemen.
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Anyone know what these are called? More like this
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Made this paper
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Whatcha think of pic related? My shot.
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Whale papers

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