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Ivan Aivazovsky

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Drop some paintings by one of the greatest masters of marine art.
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train/transport wallpapers

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I made a thread like this on /n/ and it got deleted, so reposting here
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Star Wars wallpapers.

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Couldn't find a thread here. If i missed it feel free to delete this.
Hopefully it will get some good ones.
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pixel art thread

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would also appreciate some tips on how to make it
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Quotes Thread

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Post any wallpapers and pictures with quotes or any poems/life truths/sayings etc.

Help me decide what to use for my diary as first page. Turning 30 soon, my 1yo daughter is growing so fast and I am sure my memories will fade with time and I want to keep them written.
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Black & White or Monochrome

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Halo wallpapers

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Some Halo wallpapers would be nice
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Wallpapers with this vibe?
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