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Gondola thread? Gondola thread.
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Metal albums with photographs as cover

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Somber Contemplation

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Does anyone else feel like they're in a existential hamster wheel? Where you understand that existence has no inherent rules, but all the while, every decision you make is dictated by social obligations that push you down paths you would have never chosen for yourself?

Is this what life is? Depressively conforming to social cues and only ever attaining what I truly want through a small hamster bottle of organized experiences?

I don't know... but I don't have to know. My paths have been dictated and read already.

Lets see some papes.
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It's time to set sail!
post old sailing ships paintings/pictures (preferably paintings of ship battles, piracy etc.)

+ for pirates
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historical paintings

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ITT: The best pictures to hang on the wall
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Frank Frazetta Wallpaper

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Urban Japan - No People Edition

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Share papes of urban Japan, preferably with few or no people in it.
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Pictures you took yourself that can be a wallpaper
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