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What's up /wg/?

I'm writing this thread in hopes that someone can relate to how I feel and think. I find myself on /wg/ a lot. I realize I find myself here so much because I take a certain pleasure from getting lost in wallpapers. They take me a different world, and when I do get lost in these wallpapers, everything feels peaceful. For a moment or two, im not myself, i'm not my job, im not the guy who drives that car, and lives at that place, and hangs out with that person, I feel completely lost in the wallpapers in those moments...and it always feels euphoric, because everytime that happens, I feel an overwhelming sense of infinity and it's absolutely liberating, maybe thats the power of art and meditation...

Anyone else can relate to how I feel? In the meantime post anything that makes you feel a certain way, and remember that were all in this together as humans, and there's so much to love in this world, infinite love