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Anatomy Papes/ I share personal insight that no one give a shit about

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I have 5,301 Wallpapers. I picked out each one, most off of 4Chan or Wallhaven, sometimes I would go through other people's collections and pick out a lot that I liked, but I would never just assimilate a collection. I know it's not the biggest (Biggest I've seen was 36,000+ if my memory serves), but it's certainly respectable I think.

Despite my passion for wallpapers, since I built my new computer last week, I can't bring myself to change the wallpaper from the Windows 10 default. It feels so clean. I've gone through my collection, and looked for new ones, hoping to find one that spoke to me, but I can't, and it's weirdly disappointing.

Anyway, I felt like sharing that, my birthday is this year so be nice to me.

I'll post some Wallpapers.