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What's the name of the blue haired guy that the arrows are pointing?

Beta cringe

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Hi, I'm looking for a picture of incredibly cringy guy talking to a girl.

If I'm not mistaken, they were in the same class and they got assigned to do some work together, so he contacts her to introduce himself but quickly spergs out and starts telling her how they're going to fall in love and start a relationship.

At the end the girl had to told their teacher to look for another person because she didn't want to be with that guy anymore.

Security help

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Hey /g/anons.

>Got home couple of days ago and started the computer.
>Got a request to import mysterious photos ("Himalayas-some-date") right after startup.
>Naturally freaked and ran all security scans. >nothing
>Went playing with friends
>At one point I notice a fleeting chat message during a lull between rounds.
>Didn't see the message clearly and there was no chat history in the game (R6:Siege) to verify but I'm pretty sure the message was sent by ME.
>turn wifi off
>change router settings & run malwarebytes
>think it should be fine
>today go out and get food
>Malwarebytes' realtime security turned off when I get back

So, how do I make sure I'm safe?

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How do posters on /vp/ make these fake Smogon screenshots?

Looking for some blocked youtube videos

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So these two videos are some movie soundtrack compilations that I enjoyed listening to while studying. Because of copyright, YT blocked them in all countries except Somaliland and Kosovo. I'm looking for people who might have an offline copy and are willing to share it or people who live in those countries and might be able to access it.

Windows 7

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I tried to boot from an USB drive and disc, but the setup keeps asking me for the location of some drivers. I have w 7 installed but want to change to 64 bit. Thanks in advance
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I'm looking for this music video. Starts with this Zach Galifinakis-looking guy going to a club but gets turned away by the bouncer, then cuts to him fighting his was through the club in a pseudo-one-shot scene. At the end they reveal it's just him fantasizing. Sound familiar to anyone?

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What can I use to convert PDF to image (jpg, png, etc)?