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I saw an image of a story depicting a day at the zoo and the observations the narrator was making between the differences between boys and girls. I believe it was titled Animal Farm ironically making it very hard to search for. If anyone has this or any advice on tracking it down I would appreciate it! Come through for me /r/

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Should I watch Dragonball? I enjoy shounen like Jojo and mha

K anime's?

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Ok /k/ I'm stuck out away from my home for a couple days with an internet connection and too much spare time. Please suggest some weapons related anime to keep me busy. Bonus points if you include where to watch them
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This devotional piece to His Imperial Divinity, but in high res pls

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So, I was wondering... Online onepunchman has 104 chapters. I just want to ask, the 15th volume of manga (the physical copy), how many chapters more are in the book. I mean, if I should buy the book(if there are a bunch of chapters that aren't online yet ) or if I'd just be wasting my money.

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How do I get thumbnails for webm files?

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Does anyone know the source of this anime girl pic?

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Post sad paintings.
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