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Physics help!
The coil has the mass M and moment of inertia I. The cable is being pulled with the force F from underneath the inner radius R1. The coil doesn't slide on the ground while rolling.
What is the direction and acceleration of the coil?

I know that it moves the opposite direction from the force, but I don't know how to get the acceleration. It can't be just a=F/M right? And it does accelerate in the direction of the velocity (opposite F) if I'm not mistaken?

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Post bait pics
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Could anyone help me with my physics homework?

Psychedelic Artwork

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Looking for some psychedelic inspired artwork. Post what ya got

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I've seen this meme CONSTANTLY for the past 2 years but never discovered what it's actually fucking from. Who is this?
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Cigarette edit

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Can someone edit her holding a cigarette in her right hand?