Suggest me animes

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I probably don't really have conventional taste. I generally like odd, campy and kind of obscure stuff. Pic related is my fave. I also really like Elfen Lied.

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Write something on it.
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What kind of bug is this?

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I really can't get a much better picture, because it's so small. I found this on my bedroom floor near the bed.

I've dealt with Bed Bugs a few months ago, but I'm not sure if this is a baby bed bug or something else. I don't have any bed bug bites on me, or anything resembling them, but I am absolutely paranoid now.

Is this a bed bug, or something else?
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Where can I get anime-related book scans

No.867055 ViewReplyOriginalReport turned no result for this book, tried ISBN to no avail, can any of you help me?
The book is called: Yurikuma Arashi Love Bullet Official Perfect Guide Art Book

ISBN 10: 4344834658 / ISBN 13: 9784344834651

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Who is this?
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Image requests

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Looking for two images I've seen before here on some boards:

a) A vertical comic strip of a woman time travelling to the future. Some robot in the future offers her serotonin injection for infinite satisfaction, she initially refuses saying she wants to experience adventure, but then gives in for a test. Next panel she is caged in a room, last panel zooms out showing thousands of people like here.

b) Humorous comparison of hapa people with white father/asian mother vs asian father/white mother. First category has pictures of Elliot Rodger, Filthy Frank etc., and the second category has pictures of good-looking people.

Do you have either of these, anon?

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I'm an /o/ beginner n00b.
Any trustworthy car review youtube channels?