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what's the best brand for a 500gb 2.5 inch ssd?

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is there a way to learn the proper way to type in English? I'm tired of getting told for being an obvious ESL. If possible, can someone give helpful guides? I don't want to type like a highschool student writing a paragraph anymore
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Trigonometry help

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Why does i become cis90?
and how did 4cis30 become 2√3 + 2i ?
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Looking for an image of a polar bear that's thrown a chair at a restaurant window and has his arms up like a wrestler that's won a match. The art style is roughly similar to pic related.

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what vehicle is this

Requesting (you) posts

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Give a (you) take a (you)
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Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I'm a little suspicious of the soya lecithin granules... I'm pretty sure that's ONIONS lol.
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Do you guys have some manga recommendations for me? Please and thank you

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turn funny when imposter sus into boomhauer, i need it for a meme