Books that everyone should read! (all categories / subjects)

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Books that have marked you, best-sellers, that have changed your vision of the world...

I'm not looking for anything in particular, just suggestions and will make choices with what is offered.

Thank you for your suggestions,


Prayer Requests- Request A Prayer

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I will say a prayer for anyone who asks, whatever it is that you wish. Every day at noon I say the traditional Angelus prayer and will include you or your loved ones as when I do so.
I am an anchorite- someone who lives a solitary life focused on religious meditation and thus I can offer my time for those in need wherever you may be.

Comment if you would like me to say a prayer for you, you can leave as many details or as few as you like
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Can someone provide a MEGA or google drive or something of Demon Slayer dubbed? Season 1 plus movie if possible. Can't torrent right now so that's why I'm being gay. Thank you.

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How do i get better at drawing?
Here's stuff i did the second quarter of the year
A heads-up there's some nsfw stuff there.

Please give me advice or tell me what i should work on.
I went through loomis, vilpu and a bunch of books and courses but still if you have book or course suggestions fire away.

Thank you.
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Cracked HOI4

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I pirated HOI4 because I'm broke and fuck paying around $50 for a game that's shit without DLC, and the DLC costs almost $140. But I am trying to run that famous "The New Order" mod on it but it crashes every time on startup. Other mods work perfectly.
Does anyone else have the cracked HOI4? How can I make The New Order run correctly, I have the latest version.
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Yo soy Betty, la fea: Jap Dub

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This is going to be hard to find, but what else can I do but try huh

Anyways, let's put the cards on the table.
You may or may not know the original, colombian version of Ugly Betty (which in spanish's called Yo onions Betty, la fea). This is probably the most succesful telenovela (tv drama/soap opera) of all time, and it had like a bazillion dubs to many different languages.
So where do I come with all this shit? Welp, apparently there was a japanese dub for this TV show as well. The problem is, this 12 year old YouTube video I'm linking is the ONLY video on the internet most people have only found with media from the japanese dub.
Most people won't even care about it, and I don't know where else to post about this, but I need to at least see if there's anybody out there who ever saw the show in this language, which I'm looking to find. Anyways, sorry for the fucking cheesy shit, and thanks for reading if you came here.

Hope it gets accepted ;-;


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I want to start playing the guitar but a lot of yt vids are useless af and anything I found on the internet is bs. Any links, vids, torrents, or stuff that can help me play?