Spooky recs

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Recommend me some spooky anime, preferably with yokai

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Could someone make /wsr/'s Kyubei look like picrelated, but not pixelated, and with normal colours for the mouth, hand, and grenade?

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I feel real dumb even posting this, like my grandma asking for tech support help, but I haven't been able to fix this myself, so fuck it.

I'm on a fresh Win7 install, just finished getting everything back the way I like it and installing and my apps and settings and shit a few weeks ago. My PC is left on 24/7. Lately when I come back to it after waking up, it's frozen up. Mouse will move, but you can't click on anything or alt-tab or anything. Ctrl-alt-del + task manger usually unfreezes it, but this can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute or two. I checked for malware and rootkits and such, came up empty. Anyone got any ideas? I would really prefer not to reformat again, I just don't have the time right now to get everything back up and running right.
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Looking for a movie

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Looking for a movie from this scene:

Two italians come to pick up a black guy for a job.
The black guy overslept so they come to his home, shitchat, but then, whack him nonetheless. The shooter laments that the black guy never came on time not even for his funeral.
Before they leave the italians are arguing about coffee,as one of them found a coffeepot, the other suggests to just take the pot whole with them.

I'm pretty sure one of the italians was played by joe peski, but can't find it from there. The movie was likely a gangster movie, but that's all i got for now. The scene is just weirdly sticking to my mind.

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Anyone has a torrent from a reasonably reliable sauce for SketchUp + its' crack obviously. It's kinda harder to find than one would first assume.

yes, I'm trying to be a goodboy since /t/ is not for requests.
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I want to do a search for desks in paintings, desks from the middle ages or imagined from antiquity. How do I go about doing a search for this without getting barraged with ads to buy or paint desks?

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Does anyone happen to have a full pdf copy of NIGGALATIONS: The Lost book of Ghetto Philosophers: Inspirational quotes?

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post funny webms

gonna start by posting what i got
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Name of this girl?

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can someone make the bakcground dark
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