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I want to find this artist from twitter

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So there was this artist on twitter i remember their main oc was maybe called Sophie and looked something like pic related. They drew mostly medieval stuff like people in armor but also anthro characters. They had both a sfw and an nsfw profiles with similar pictures to one another but the nsfw had more of a lustful expression. I remember they did lewd animations and there was a picture of all their ocs in a hot spring. I think they might have deleted their account because i had retweetet on of their posts and now i don't have it on my page.
Thanks in advance!
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Recommend me Metroidvanias similar to Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. I want something that'll make me pant-shittingly mad because the combat is hard, not something that'll have me meandering around aimlessly looking for stupid bullshit upgrades on a huge non-linear map.
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what manga or anime are they refrencing here?

Can’t remember game name

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Can someone find me this game?
It was a post apocalyptic walking simulator type game. There were abandoned houses in rural areas. Pretty calm and atmospheric. Probably Russian. Indie.


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Hello, how are you? I've been searching and I can't find the answer, someone could help me:
Write a chemical equation that describes the reaction that occurs with Huble's reagent and that tells us

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How do I get the audio to save with a webm? I tried googling to no luck. Is there a chrome extension?

Game recommendations

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I haven’t played games years, so in need of some starters. I used to love prototype where i could do whatever the heck.
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