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Is there a complete list of the filtered words?
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where can I find photographs of sexy anime figurines like this shot from every angle? I'm a poorfag, so I can't afford them myself. I have in mind something like a specialized website that hosts them, and would be nice if pictures were tagged by copyright, character and toy distributor, also bonus points if there are videos like webmrelated or 360 videos where I can rotate camera myself, ok thanks.
I know that there are a lot of those on sad panda but there isn't that much on offer really, and most of the galleries are dump photoshoots of fuckton of figures which is a pain to navigate and they're barely even tagged.
I'm also aware of gelbooru and such resourses but then again, there aren't that much of figure pictures uploaded, in fact there are only 5 thousand and most predate back to the 2007 era. That website is mainly for graphic content after all
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The fuck happened here?

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I bought a Toshiba 1TB External HDD for my Wii U back in June, but now it’s randomly crashing on me. It’ll make a beeping noise and then my Wii U gives me Error Codes 160-0106 and 160-2713. It claims that I unplugged the USB-C Y-Cable from the console, but I’m nowhere near the console when it happens. Sometimes it won’t even read that it’s plugged in despite the HDD powering on.

Is my HDD failing? That doesn’t make sense to me because it’s only 3 months old. I also ran a diagnostic scan with SeaTools (using the same USB-C Y-Cable), and it passed with flying colors.

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How do i fix this? I have an andriod (something like an a4 i think?) and this blue circle thing won't go away, i fucked with the settings and tried turning all the settings in the blue circle on and off and it doesn't go away, although i might be retarded. Help plz

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Anime/manga or anything really whrere character rescues slave and hopeless girl and takes care of her and she starts slowly recovering and trusting the main character, maybe even falling in love with him.
Something like shield hero
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