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So I've got another python assignment that involves multiplication table, and this one is about replacing numbers with the letter X.
What function do I need put to my code to make it look exactly just like pic related?

Pastabin for my code:

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Can somebody remove the symbol from the dog's head?
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Does anyone know who's the artist? I tried image searching but couldn't find anything
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I've recently just purchased a used X-T2 in excellent condition from Adorama. Not going to lie, never used mirrorless before, I'm not sure if this is how it should be without a lens, but I would like to know if it is damaged.

What do you guys think?

I'm a noob when it comes to Cameras, I've asked the only person I know who has experience with cameras, I'm still suspicious of the lack of a lens being the issue.

I've tried autofocus and several other settings, it will not snap a picture or shoot video at all, I imagine this machine is pretty smart and won't just shoot non detailed images. Unless I'm giving it too much credit.

I don't know, I just don't want to be screwed over by this after the damage claims period of adorama is up.

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Can you guys recommend me some light novels with beginner-intermediate level japanese? I finished the first volume of Yotsubato and would like some easy novels to transition into.
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Need help finding RTS game

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Trying to remember the name of a mid 2000's-2010 RTS game, it was scifi-themed title that I found one day in a game store and its story used "Nodespace" involved as a means of FTL travel, I have never played it but the pictures on the cover showed ground combat, the graphics looked pretty good but this is all I have to go on with memory, I never bought it so didn't have a chance to get a good look at it, does this ring any bells?

To be clear it was NOT:

>any command & conqueror title
>any starcraft title
>any warcraft title
>any warhammer/40k title
>any supcomm title
>any earth 21XX title

I'm quite certain it isn't any of those, it wasn't part of any big named studio as far as I'm aware, it was basically an example of why I loved going to game stores to find these obscure games that you don't always see sold anywhere else.

I need personal help here.

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I hope I don’t seem to sound any toxic or demanding when wanting this, but…

• Yeah, I have a personal obsession with images containing weird sorts of material, but especially when it comes to imaging the characters involved in these sorts of material as… straight guys.

• I feel it would have always satisfied me to share my interests of these images of weird content with not just any guy, but rather people who only happen to be straight guys irl — and at least to have any sort of discussion with them about these images.

• The attached image of what you’re seeing right now isn’t one of them — in fact, I had attached this in this OP of a thread anyways rather to represent the feelings I have in regards to this situation here.

• If you claim to be one of the kind I mentioned here — yes, the kind I’m requesting for me to be okay with discussing these images with in almost any way shape or form, I gotta happen to actually trust you on being a straight guy irl, because I’m sensitive when it comes to this stuff & I don’t think I was born yesterday, but I’m hoping you acknowledge my point.

The point is of what I’m hoping for this thread to be: To start any type of discussion about my interests of images but especially including for straight guys to help me with this, but only if you know what I really mean.
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