need some poster work.

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Could anyone make a quick and dirty poster for me? Preferably one that will fit in an email. I need some generic "Save the autistic children" movement type of thing, with some symbology that would make the mark feel like they are about to become a revolutionary if they click the link. Also want space at the bottom of the image to put the same link on to, to make It seem more legit, and not like it is just some image that was downloaded from google. Need this for an SE engagement i'm doing. Pic not related btw.

Sauce of this pls?

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Anyone got the source/artist for this?

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name on this amazing creature
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Would anyone like to draw a 32 x 32 image of a car/wheel that I could use for an icon in a game that I'm making?
The image must have a transparent background. You could also draw something else racing related if you want as long as it's 32 x 32 pixels.
Here is the car I drew for the game :))
Also if there's a specific board or thread for drawing requests, please send me there.
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Does someone have a download of piss related, the signature edition specifically.
A streaming site (that isn't pissy about ad block)
Would all work.

Anime girl with mildly uncomfortable body posture

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Looking for images of generic cute anime girls with one arm resting at her side and her other hand holding that arm as she looks downward off to one side with an expression of guilt/sadness/whatever..

Like this pic for arm position, but in a negative, low-key mood.

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How to start microdosing meth?
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