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I believe that there is/was a concept in US law where rich companies sue average Joes for some small stuff (e.g. their product sounds similar or something). Those companies know very well that judges would find the defendants innocent, but they pursue the lawsuit anyway, because Joe doesn't have enough money to pay the legal costs in the long term so he settles with the company. So the company wins in the end even though they shouldn't.

How was this called?

send help plz

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Alright so... I felt a bit nostalgic and I revived my old 3ds that has this r4, but I think it got time-bombed or something like that my request is pretty simple just help a faggot play some old fashioned games again for nostalgia sake. I have searched all day on google but all the links I found are now 404.

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I need help with a brochure. I am interning with an optometrist and I need to make a brochure for him. The problem is that I am fucking stupid. Any tips on design and what information to put on it would be appreciated. This is what I have so far.
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Who is this actress?

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I want to buy posters of cute tomboys and hang them on my wall. How do I go about this? Where do I buy them?
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Hey does anyone know this font? I can't find it using font identifier websites. Thanks!