Selling old hardware

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I'm looking for the best price to sell my gpu, google didn't help much (between 80 and 200€ offers)

It's an Nvidia gtx 960 2gb (MSI), I was very tidy and careful with it, used it for a year or two top, it's in excellent condition.
I just don't have the box but it shouldn't be a problem as I'm selling it directly in person.
Thank you in advance.

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What is the source for this image? Tried google, saucenao, idqb and tineye.

Help. I need song sauce

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What was the song that played at the start of
Final Boss match in Futbol Club Summer 19?
Link to the match:

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Could I get some recommendations for music based on what I listen to? I've more or less only listened to stuff I've happened across, so I don't really know how to find music on my own.
Most of the songs I like and become attached to have something I can relate to, especially the ones about depression, suicide, worthlessness, and other angsty shit. Naturally, because I surround myself with Japanese shit, almost all of the music I listen to is Japanese, and as comfortable as I've become with the language, I'd like to change that. That's not to say that I don't want suggestions for Japanese music, though.
I put together a list of songs to try and give a good idea of the kind of shit I listen to, I'll post it in the thread since it won't fit. It's a decent amount and nobody probably has the time to sit through it, so to narrow it down, I'd just say my top five would probably be World's End Dancehall, Dancing Worthless Human, ECHO, Magia, and Love is War. I'm not an expert, but I'd say most of it is rock, electronic, or ambient.


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Sup y'all, would love some suggestions for something new to watch similar to these (that i could think of) that i've watched.

Highschool of the Dead
Highschool DxD
Snow White with the Red Hair
Rosario + Vampire
To Love Ru
Absolute Duo
Infinite Stratos

Can be other stuff as well if you have some good suggestion(s)

Thanks in advance :)
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Guys, feel free to photoshop this one :)

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How to download from Mega?

I need to download around 12gb of files from there, but you know, they cap around 700mb a week or something for free users...