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Posting this again because the thread archived before I was able to solve this:

Hey animators. I made a simple drawing + frames of a little caricature for my Youtube channel and I'd like to know of any simple to use softwares to animate it.

For context: The idea is to have him mash the buttons of the controller he's holding. The only simple to use software that I managed to find was a phone app but the converted video was really low quality. I would REALLY appreciate any help

Update:The video editing software I'm using (Davinci Resolve) doesn't import gifs. The Gif was useful given that it was already without a background. Converting it to an mp4 file and then erasing its background turned out to be problematic, especially because I plan on doing this for every video.

What I want to specifically do is to overlay said animation onto the bottom right corner of all of my, potentially 10-45min YouTube videos, so adding the 4 frames into the video editor and repeatedly pasting them isn't going to work as my pc can't handle it. I also need it to have no background. Converting it to an mp4 file and then erasing its background made the edges really rough even after already doing everything to smooth it out.
What exactly is the most optimal way of doing this and do you have any software recommendations. Again, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Counter-Strike: Source zombie escape map sound file - Eastern European "Oh sweet Mama Jesus!"

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I used to play Zombie Escape all the fucking time and have gone through too many maps to remember the names of ones not tied into movies.

There was one map where you get on a plane, and there's cheap voicing acting from some Eastern European guy who's talking about how the engines are failing, and he says, "Oh sweet Mama Jesus! There goes another!"

That line has become ingrained in my memory and is an in-joke between friends, however I can't find the map, and thus can't find the sound file/clip. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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I need to know Japanese paranormal discussion sites and blogs
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I think succubi are sexy and cool
what is essential succubi kino to watch or read
anime, manga, comics, anything. even vidya if its really good
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