Yes, a lot of images and thumbnails have been lost. They are not recoverable. More notices likely in coming weeks.

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Anyone know where I can get the pro version of this Macro Recorder Pro for free?

Java + SQL

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Hey /wsr/
What's the best Java + MySQL learning tutorial?
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I want anons opinion on what's the best video converter. Let's say I want convert a mp4 to a compacted webm, what should I use?
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Need help making a website with eCommerce capabilities

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So I am helping manage a website to sell videos with a friend and we need help from someone to set up our website to have eCommerce capabilities. If you are interested send me an email at [email protected] or my boss at [email protected]

Inventory Systems

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Calling pallet kickers.
Need some help finding an inventory system but it's got to have a specific setup to it, wondering if some yellow vests could help me out.
I deal with meat and need a stock system that works with box in box out, including expiry dates as a batch. Quickbooks commerce was cats pyjamas right up until telesales called me and said it wasn't viable for them to sell me their software as I wasn't using enough B2B. Basically I don't need any form of sales / order fulfilment / ecommerce integration / invoicing nonsense. Just pure plain and simple numbers management that allows me to move stock from warehouse to warehouse and update numbers via a stock take. This shouldn't be such a bloody nightmare to find but all the big players we've tried (oracle, khaos, fishbowl, qb commerce etc.) and failed because they're so hell bent on pandering to dropshipping pansies with their 4 sets of imported jeggins integrated with 50 ecommerce channels. Sortly Pro was a near miss because for all it was basic enough, it's too basic. The reporting / working with daily changing stock was a nightmare. Instead of a simple "amount change" of an item you have to go rooting through activity history and decipher the GB's of text to find the relevant item. Really appreciate anyone who can help out as I'm sure managers have been in my boots before.

Best Programming Books

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I want to find the best quality .pdf books to learn C#, C++, and regular C. Thank you.
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Where is this image from? A Japanese language book, possibly? Anyone could post the original, please?
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I'm pretty sure my PC is riddled with viruses and malware. I tried running Windows Security Defender, and this window popped up. Security Defender said there weren't any threats, but I'm pretty sure that's bullshit. Someone said that this Window that popped up regarding KSLDrivers or whatever means that something is interfering with Security Defender and making it seem like there are no threats. They also suggested that I should reformat my PC. I've never formatted my PC before, so a few things I'm curious about.
Would I have to reinstall Windows?
I have two physical hard drives. One of these hard drives is partitioned into two hard drives, and Windows is installed on one of those partitions. Do I only have to format the hard drive that Windows is on?
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Anyone know of Uruha Rushia's old Cosplay account?

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Shes cute. Check out her youtube channel.
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Requesting Your Honest Opinion

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COVID-19: A Goldilocks Condition

I get it. We're all sick of the coronavirus, both literally and figuratively. Some of you who are reading this may be stuck at home because of quarantine. Some of you may be struggling at your job or at school because of how everything is done online. Some of you might have gotten the virus and are either in a hospital at the moment or had already recovered. Whatever you’ve gone through during this pandemic, I’m pretty sure it has been terrible in general. The news isn't helping too much either. Every day we hear about new cases, new deaths, new variants, and so on. It’s easy to feel hopeless about our current situation. But I believe it’s not entirely negative for everyone. Yes, it was horrible for the most part, but surely there are positive things that had happened in our lives that would otherwise won’t be there without the pandemic, like learning a new skill, meeting new people online, or finding that anime that made you cry.

With all that in mind, I want to ask of you, people of 4chan, what are your views regarding this COVID-19 we’re all facing? What are your experiences, good or bad, of the pandemic? What lessons you may have learned? What would you say to the younger generations in the future when they ask you about this point in history?

Please take your time to share what you have in mind as I am curious to know about others’ perspectives. Any valuable input is appreciated.

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