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Anyone got any dating or hookup related Discord servers or subreddits? Preferably Poland- or at least EU-based, as that's where I live. Thanks in advance.
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Anyone know of Uruha Rushia's old Cosplay account?

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Shes cute. Check out her youtube channel.
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I'm pretty sure my PC is riddled with viruses and malware. I tried running Windows Security Defender, and this window popped up. Security Defender said there weren't any threats, but I'm pretty sure that's bullshit. Someone said that this Window that popped up regarding KSLDrivers or whatever means that something is interfering with Security Defender and making it seem like there are no threats. They also suggested that I should reformat my PC. I've never formatted my PC before, so a few things I'm curious about.
Would I have to reinstall Windows?
I have two physical hard drives. One of these hard drives is partitioned into two hard drives, and Windows is installed on one of those partitions. Do I only have to format the hard drive that Windows is on?
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I made this wojak. Do you like him?
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Where is this image from? A Japanese language book, possibly? Anyone could post the original, please?
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Java + SQL

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Hey /wsr/
What's the best Java + MySQL learning tutorial?
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What are some decent phone apps
where you download manga instead of reading them online?
Paranoid about my workplace snooping on my phone browsing. Pic probably unrelated.
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Source on this? Reverse search only finds more about the "What do you do" meme, but nothing about he or she.
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How the fuck do you make money online?

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What can I do to make moneys? Not like a stable income, but like 50-200 Euros at most. I know it's a stupid question but I wonder, genuinely. What can an average person do to make money?
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After two years of not going back to university I've decided to pick up coding. Don't be a fag and please tell me where to start (ex, what language to use or how to practice).
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