Schizo /wsr/ poster

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A little bit autistic request but can someone give me the links of the thread that this poster has made
got this so far
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Google + / Mewe style roleplaying communties

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I'm looking for any text based roleplaying websites/communities with a similar set up to google + and mewe in terms of text-based roleplaying.
Maybe something that adheres to a category like:

>Posts serving as scenes for characters (So not public chat-room style where everything is just done within the chat)
>Some sort of overarching setting within the community (Like fantasy/sci-fi)
>Character profiles (Like posts or profiles explaining your character)
>A chat for ooc discussion/chatter (rather than IC roleplaying)
>A community of people telling multiple storylines set in the world of the rpg rather than a DM or a singular plotline.

I've been looking for so long, please help Anon your my only hope.

Gamecube hardware mods

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Is this kit enough to play Gamecube games from a SD card? Also I'm aware the Xenochip requires soldering. I also own a Gamecube memory card that has a slot for SD cards.

I assume the disc has Swiss installed? IDK the seller seems to half ass now what they are selling. I've seen this same kit on Aliexpress for half the price but I rather pay more for a faster delivery.
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$100 For Simple School Assignment (Google Analytics)

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You have to create a dashboard on Google Analytics based on any business that you want to choose. You also have to write a short summary about the business, like what does the business provide consumers, if the business have a website, where the business is located, etc. And lastly once you create the customized dashboard with key performance and indicators tailored to the business and send over the screenshot, please write a paragraph or two about why you chose the key performance indictors and analytics for this business’s dashboard and why these metrics are important to the business.

VRchat Model

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I was wondering if anyone knows where this Model is from because i've seen people use it and i want it and i've been looking around for it for so long now. it had really nice facial features.

Anyone know where to get this?

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What does the => sign mean in maths?

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where's this from? the girl looks hot...

Security camera help

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I have all the related hardware and software to set up a full video security system. I purchased two cameras, a powered ethernet switch and I used the blueiris software demo.
I have it set up in my office, nothing hardwired yet. The issue I'm having is that the cameras were running all the time, due to this I blew through my gigs on my home internet plan.
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Again I set it up just to test it first.
Not sure what other info I need to give. Its getting warmer out so I'd like to go out and mount these on my eves sometime soon.
Additional: I did have it streaming so I could view it through my cell phone.
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What is the origin of this gif?

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The oldest version I could find is at
which seems to have discord names in the tags, but only uya#0415 seems to work.

Best Online Writing Courses?

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I’m looking for a writing course so I can refresh myself on the creative writing courses that I took in school a few years ago. It’s got to be online, for obvious reasons, and either free or relatively cheap, does anyone have any suggestions, please?
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