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Why can't negative numbers be prime?

The ferry scene from dark knight but people are dumb.

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The ferry scene in dark knight is a prisoners dilemma between civilians and prisoners. There was a really funny webcomic pointing out that in reality people are dumb and just would not understand the rules of the game. in the small comic, joker gets exasperated trying to explain it multiple times.

Good torrenting programs for mac

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Hey /wsr/ i'm currently using my gf's mac for torrenting. We used to use utorrent until she updated to the new OS Catalina. now utorrent is not supported any longer and you can only use utorrent web which I don't want to use.
Now we use Vuze which is ass and barely functions properly.
Can some kind anons please give me some recs for torrenting programs that I can use on her mac?
It's only for movies and shows if that is any help.

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I need a reaction image to describe a certain type of emotion. Its not just sadness or depression, rather think of it like an unshakeable feeling of existential dread coupled with the acknowledgement of the inability to change the course of events causing this dread, topped off with an unwavering heartache, with a nice glossy coating of the kind of tired that sleep doesn't fix.

I'm not really sure if this is how you use this board and I was just going to use the wojak pictured but it just doesn't do it so if someone has within their repository of images a photo that would encapsulate the given parameters that would be fantastic.

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What was this music video?

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I've got this music video I saw years ago stuck in my head. It was maybe 2005 or 2006.
It's all just a computer program doing text and ascii animations on (I think) a green screen.
I clearly remember that it printed the source code to the screen at the end of the video, but I don't remember the song or the band.

Ring any bells for anyone?

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How would I construct the triangles 1' and 2' ?

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i loved this song but youtube took it down. how can i access it and download?

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Can someone post something for me on /r/?
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