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created(?) an ftp server in my host A , can access the folder if I type in browser(host A):
get asked for username and password and then can see the files.
The problem comes when I try to connect from host B(a device in the same network?), It returns connection time out when attempting connection.

I can ping host B from host A and the other way around too, so I assume they are are both in the same network.
what do I have to change in order to acces the ftp server from host B or any other host in the LAN?
followed this tutorial till the "connect over the internet" part.
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Looking for anime with a strong directorial vision. A satisfying ending that doesn't overstay its welcome, usually 1-2 cour.

For examples of what I mean, I'm looking for things like:
>Samurai Champloo
>Tatami Galaxy
>Paranoia Agent
>Madoka Magica

I have no specific request in terms of genre other than I am looking for something that has a clear story with a beginning and end, so slice-of-life and episodic comedy are out.

Engineer help needed

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What kind of paint can i put on industrial boilers?
alkyd? PUR? epoxy? i am so retarded i cant pick one and my boss will hang me by the nuts if i dont cover this by the end of next week

Could somebody remove the tattoo from her arm?

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Looking for a good anti virus

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I am looking for a good and preferably free antivirus/antimalware program. I only use windows defender currently and it is probably good enough but just curious if any other programs are decent?

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what are the instruments that play from 2:55 to 3:30

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Looking for some new headphones with mic since my old ones are pretty much falling apart. Something actually decent would be nice, if it didn't dent head it would be even better. Pic related is the shite I've been using, don't recommend it.

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anyone got a cock .li invite to spare?

jeff060588 @protonmail .com
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Space kind of songs

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Songs that give a space vibe like blessing of the moon from the terraria calamity ost