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any clever lifehacks to get those last hard-to-reach grams of yummy peanut-butter jelly out of the jar? money is too tight these days.. i don't want to waste a single bit of it

Upscaling/Restoration General

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Thread for uploading cool artwork in need of upscaling or rescuing/refinishing.
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Any movie/TV show with competent bad guys?

Like the bad guys aren't just cannon fodder? Like for example every character has john wick level skills
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Wiimote tracking with Driver4VR

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I get Steam4VR to run with Driver4VR running and I can use the wii remote and nunchuck semi-decently. When I load into VRChat, though, all I can do is rotate and mess with the menu. I assume I just need to map the buttons, but I haven't come up with a way how. Any poorfags know how to fix it?

Draw a single digit in MSpaint

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Hey for a class project I'm working on an AI that reads handwriting, and I need a few unique handwriting samples that are not my own to show it off
all you need to do is open mspaint, photoshop, gimp, etc. and at a small resolution draw a single digit 0-9 in black with a white background
any drawings would be greatly appreciated
Thank you!
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Back in the day I remember using this as well as FileTram when looking stuff up. Sadly though they seem to have gone the way of the dodo, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any alternatives?

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How do I fix a .exe file that just closes instead of running
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Infinite Dendrogram Clean OP

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To the anon that was requesting this last month (hoping you're still here, shot in the dark), the blurays for Infinite Dendrogram just got uploaded and they have the clean OP you were looking for.
You can either encode it yourself or wait for someone else to do.

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Is there a romcom anime/manga about a girl simping for a fit guy?