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looking for that video of the guy driving and singing his cover of mario judah's die very rough, it goes like "I'm a brap hog fat gay nigger pedophile, child predator..." it's so funny. pic rel

Drunk Supergirl with Power Girl

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Anyone know where this is from? Better yet, have the full comic?
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Can't Find that One Scene

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Does anyone have a clip of a guy flipping a heavy, breaker/lever-like switch in a dark room?

I'm losing my mind. Because I'm thinking of a specific scene but cannot remember the movie. I recall a guy in a dark warehouse (?) flipping a big switch, to turn on equipment or lights or something.

I literally cannot find anything that is even slightly similar, because every search term I tried on Google or YouTube yields totally unrelated, non-switch content. Can anyone help me with this?

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What song is this from FF14? It's in the cutscenes of the game and has a tropical theme to it with bongos and whatnot.
I tried asking /v/ and /vg/ but they didn't wanna help and told me to fuck off and look for it myself.
Idk what the song is called, all I know is how to describe it which I've done previously.

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Trying to find an anime movie from my childhood, something that would have been early 2000s or earlier.

Mom is a cyborg, I think she uses a gun. I think story has her get prego unexpectedly. There was more than one movie. There's a line where she says, "not exactly head of the PTA am I?". I think she has a big blocky dude as a sidekick who may be her husband.

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Looking for a pic of 3 Japanese girls posing in a hallway. I've seen it on multiple boards before. Their outfits look similar to this and I think one is wearing red shoes. I don't know if it's from porn or something but they're all attractive and look older for school (17-18ish). The one in the middle is shortest.

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anyone know how to view a private insta profile without following? every website is of course a survey filled scam. give me an answer and i might throw a penny at ya

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Can anyone help me find a high quality scan of this image or even just a higher quality sample image? It's promotional art for the anime Working!! (Wagnaria in the west) featuring the characters Taneshima Popura and Mahiru Inami. Based on the art style it seems like it's from 2015 (aka around the time the third season was out) but I can't confirm that. I originally found this via JP Yahoo Auction 2 years ago. It's not on danbooru, gelbooru, sankaku or exhentai and Google, IQDB, SauceNao, TinEye and Yandex gives no results.