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FHD Laptop 440$

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I’m looking for a FHD display laptop mainly to play VNs and learn programming. I plan on replacing the SSD with 1TB of HDD. I’m considering Chuwi GemiBook and Chuwi HeroBook Pro, which is better? I’m open to other suggestions

Laptops in my country costs like 10-15% higher than USD and my budget is 440$ max
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Parable of Arable Land, by The Red Krayola & Familiar Ugly

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That's the name of the album.
I want you to download this album through link related


And then upload it to mediafire, or zippyshare, or anything that isn't FUCKING mega.
After that, post the link in the thread.

Pic not related at all. Thank you very much.

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Is the sequel to Crisis Beat real? Where is it?

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In this article in Spanish in the "Secuelas" section it says that Bandai made a sequel to Crisis Beat in 2010, but it was not very successful since many copies of the video game were not sold

This is real? I've searched everywhere for the sequel to Crisis Beat but I can't find any information about it. Crisis Beat is my favorite game on Play Station 1 and today I found out all about it. Please I need help

If the sequel to Crisis Beat is real I am surprised by the fact that so little is known about it, Crisis Beat is one of the most recognized and played games on Play Station 1

Java programming help

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Beginner in Java here, got 2 homework questions I need some help with if someone has time to spare.
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Help me find this tiktok

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Link in comments
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Song at 1:08 until the end?

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https://youtu.be/twMICzZqnfgheard it before somewhere

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I must know where this is from. It's from a hentai manga, apparently.