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Are there any fantasy manga with this kind of art style present in N64 Zelda games and GBA Fire Emblem games?

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Is there a ripper for the new mangadex site? Hakuneko doesn't work

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Any good manga/anime about revenge where the protag doesn't just pussy out of it and leave the audience blue balled?

Pic unrelated.
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looking for the greentext of Advertisment Ai already controlling the world through product placement and subconcious influence .-.
can anyone help me?
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What do you do when one Bluetooth earbud is suddenly quieter than the other?

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Gather round oldfags I need some help tracking down a 2005-2010ish image
When I was younger (18) and browsing 4chan there was an image that would be posted pretty often of a xp-era (maybe pre xp?) dialog box that said something along the lines of "the passage of time continues and you're only getting older".

Best Horror Speedruns

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Post em