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Where can I watch cable ((illegally)), I wanna watch toonami

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I'm trying to find the full cartoon/comic that the bottom panel of this meme is from. The premise of the comic is Kylo Ren is shirtless and Luke (Last Jedi era) milks his nipples and then slurps the milk. No combination of embarrassing search terms yields anything more than this edit.

Moving to the middle of nowhere advice

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Hey /wsr/

I'm about to move out for the first time to a rural community for a year, the internet is going to be horrible so I have five weeks worth of downloading to do. What shows and movies can you recommend me to watch and what tips do you have for the great move out.

I will be living accommodation with a shared kitchen however I will have my own bar fridge, single bed and small desk inside my individual room at the staff accommodation. This will be temporary until I can secure a rental in the area with a bit more space.

Thank you all so much in advance I hope you all have a fantastic christmas and new years.
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/frg/ - /film/ Request General

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Thread for requesting and sharing classic and arthouse cinema.

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what was the name of that christmas anime site someone made that flashed images and played music? I think it was christmas themed

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Looking for a comic (webcomic?) that was a oneshot about some old homeless-looking man who turns out to be some alien judge who visits planets to determine if the dominant species deserves to live of not, and is basically a god, able to stop bullets and kill with a thought.

It starts with an innocent good-two-shoes cop getting thrown into this homeless man's cell by crooked cops in the hopes that the homeless man would just kill them to cover their tracks, but the cop talks to the alien and decides to commit suicide for some reason I can't remember.

pic unrelated

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How much performance can I squeeze out of a 1050 TI and stock cooler without OCing it to an unstable level?