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pictures of robots/AIs

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please post cute/cool pictures of fictional bots/AIs of any gender in this thread. thank you
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Manga or Doujin

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Does anyone know what's the source for this? Don't know if this is a manga or a doujin

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I have been blocked from making gmails because it says ive used phone number too many times when trying to make a new account. There isnt any option to skip or use a email to verify. So, I have turned to 4chan to help. Does anyone know how to skip this phone number verification thing?

Anime character

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Anyone know what character this is?

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Who's the anime equivalent of this character?
>quirkiness and sense of humor of party horse
>motherly, nurturing instincts of shy horse
I'm told anime has good waifus, and this is as close to my dream girl as I've seen in anything animated.