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There is pic related with only the pyro and not the emoji?

discriminate between vectors and scalars in Matlab

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I just started to learn Matlab and I'm abit lost with this exercise. For context I'm trying to run this function regardless of the values being a vector, or a scalar.

Everytime I put it through the function test it gives me the correct answer, but once I try and submit it, it tells me that it doesnt work with row vectors or column vectors, but works with everything else, including the combination between scalars and arrays.

I know it's an easy question, but I can't find any help or examples on the forums or the directory.


Need help identifying Minecraft Resource Pack

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I'm trying to figure out what resource pack is being used in the image. I found it off SEUS website, but he doesn't credit any of the resource packs he uses in his image. I know SEUS PGTI shaders are in the image, but that's not what I'm trying to figure out.

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hey does anyone have the shazam copypasta about all the things missing from animal crossing new horizons? i saw a picture of it a while ago but all i could find is this image from it

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Is there any way to create a Google/YouTube account without a phone number?

Babylon 5

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So I've never seen Babylon 5, but I don't want to rewatch any Trek, or Stargate. I'd like to do a torrent of Babylon 5, but pirate bay seems to be long gone. Anyone have a torrent for Babylon 5?

I need a verified source for backed up info

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Disclaiming scientology

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Where's this fucked up Rei from?