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What’s the name of that meme where a guy sends his friends to fight some dudes standing in the background and they get beat the fuck up?

Translate to japanese

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Can someone please translate the following phrase to colloquial japanese:

"I already lost so many favorite denpa artists, I don't want to lose {name}-chan too"

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I'm in the market to buy a 4k TV. I have $865 total to spend on one (that's including tax and, if needed, shipping cost). Below is a list of must-haves:

>60-70in screen
>4k Support (not the fake/stimulated 4k)
>MUST have quick/easy REMOTE ability to swap between inputs (like one button on the remote dedicated for either Inputs or a "Previous/Last" button that with one press goes back and forth between pervious inputs)
> 4 HDMI ports (but I'll settle for 3)
>An optical audio port
>NO TV from the LG brand

Any suggestions or testimonials would be greatly appreciated, especially if you own the TV you're recommending.

Can someone click this webm for me and describe it?

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>Browsing fit
>See a post with a lot of replies suggesting annoyance/shock
>It’s a webm

I don’t want to click it in case it’s gross, but I’m curious about what it is? Will one of you do my dirty work for me?

Tariq Nasheed's "Buck Breaking"

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Just want to watch the Buck Breaking film by Tariq Nasheed without having to pay for it. However I cannot find any sort of link, magnet or otherwise, which might allow me to do that. Any help would be appreciated.

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I somewhat want to watch Yu-gi-oh, but other than sporadic duel masters episodes, youtube clips and references/jokes, is it even worth it to bother now? If so does that apply to each season?

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What are some lesser-known manga about solitude? I just read Koukou no Hito and really enjoyed it.

C Assembly Language

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Need help with this homework? Deadline in 30 minutes.
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