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Original pic?

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Can someone give me the original picture, without text?

Help from someone with the game Jedi knight academy

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Could you please record your avatar throwing its light saber and when it almost gets back you make the avatar make circles in the floor and that makes your saber follow that trajectory and it never gets back to you making a shield-like state around you??
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Recommendation letter

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Hi thirdy fag here trying to apply for international scholarships.
Can anyone give me a non- common recommendation/motivation letter template that i can just fill up .
Thanks in advance

Do you recognize the other memes?

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Hello everyone I only recognize loss and bongo cat.
I'll post the cropped loss and bongo cat as a reply.

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A couple of years ago, I saw a short clip from an anime where a group of (time travelling?) girl soldiers was surrounded by knights in a hall, with the king on his throne acting all mighty.
One of the girls crouched down, shot the knights with her uzi and left the king speechless.

I never found out which anime this is :(