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Anyone have that clip of king terry davis writing a email to the cia that hes going to execute them
Pic not related

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Any idea where is this gif from?

I already tried a few reverse image searches but couldn't find the original video.

Alternate way to search youtube

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Sometimes I search YouTube for authors or speakers I like. But I notice YouTube search doesn’t pick up everything and I sometimes see videos from them that show up on google or elsewhere, even with their name in the title or description, that do not show up if I search for them on YouTube and sort by new.

Is there any way to search for YouTube videos with the name, but not using YouTubes search function, aside from google?

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I'm looking for an image I can't find. It was anime styled and had catgirls, likely wearing bodysuits, fighting against aliens and tentacles in what might have been an industrial-looking spaceship. It wasn't a grim image, I remember the catgirl at the forefront was smirking and was wearing a dragonball scouter over her eye. Their clothes might have been torn here and there.

I'm not sure who the artist might have been.

Source of this art?

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Character is tsukimi shin from kimi ga shine

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Are there any good torrent sites that have both German series and German dubs of American series?
There's a German piracy site list on github but the torrent section is just a bunch of random (mostly non-German) sites in alphabetical order with no sorting between games/music/TV

anime/manga that has history trivia

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Looking for recs for any anime or manga that base the stories on real life historical events. I recently watched and read Maria the virgin witch and enjoyed the bits of historical accuracy in it about not only the 100 years war, but about the history of Europe, religion, and witch hunts.
I am reading historie. I dropped vinland saga and Ad Astra. Any other recommendations? Can be western civs, eastern civs, any culture. Any time period.
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Watch Dogs: Legion texture rip

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Anyone able to rip this DedSec clothing logo texture from the game for me? Or if theres an alternate sauce I can use? Thanks in advance.

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Short completed manga recc? that's like 150-200 chapters tops?
Any genre, though maybe not SoL drama
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