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I'm looking for the original version and the sauce of picrel. I suppose it used to be an emote in an old chat program.

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Are there any websites that have those old japanese ascii images in a copy/pasteable format? Not kaomoji, more like picrel. Especially these cat dudes, but anything else is fine too.

Minna no Nihongo grammar english

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anyone have a PDF for english translation and grammar notes of Minna no Nihongo Shukyu 2, 2nd edition?

I've only been able to find the one for the first edition. the only second edition translation i've found is the indonesian one on libgen

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In what episode of Monster do Tenma, Eva and Eva's father discuss flying in Tenma's parents from Japan for the wedding?

Image editing help

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Hey, I would like some image editing help with this image.
I would like for the text to be removed, there's a reference image in the next post for help in case any extra details are needed
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Song from Northern Exposure (Starts at 50:49)

Koha Ace references

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Need help in understanding those references.
It's Kohaku from Tsukihime cosplaying various characters and I need to know what series those are from.
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Romantic anime with a relationship from the beginning

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Could I get recs for anime that is centered on a couple, boyfriend/girlfriend or husband and wife, where their relationship is established from the beginning - or at least early on - and is about their adventures as a couple or them developing their bond further, instead of the usual "she likes me/she likes me not" falling in love story?

wayback machine error

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I am searching for a solution to this error, but I am unable to find it anywhere.
I have some technical issues with wayback machine.
>pic related