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It's me again.
Today is my first week of exercising. I'm doing
a) running for ~30mins (to which the duration of chapter/s of an audiobook approximate) on Monday, Tuesday, and weekend.
b) rest of the days I'm doing pushups 10 sets 4 reps
c) stretching after waking up

Could you please recommend some books on breathing? Should I breathe through nose or mouth also when I'm tired? How does the progression look like? Please note that I have Gilbert's Syndrome

Today for the duration of ~40 mins I ran until I was tired, and walked till I could run again. Is that a good approach?

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Recommend me a good E-Reader, $130 or less

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can somebody tell if this torrent is safe?
>only 10mb
it's not safe is it?
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Recently upgraded my computer, and had a ton of files on my desktop after getting everything set up my desktop was empty. Is there a way to get my desktop back?

Break a bus company

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If you have some time and you want to mess with something. You can go on a tickecting platform and buy all ticket availabe for free. You just need to select the 0-4 years old ticket. A bus can have a maximum of 24 passenger. You only have to give a first and last name for all passenger and you need to give an email for the first passenger(all the information can be faked.) By automating the process it possible to make a month of bus unavailable for customer . If you are some spare time you can try anytime. this is the url for the bus company ticketing paltform in you want to mess with it.


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I'd appreciate it greatly if you could share some /wsr/-tan artwork.
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Does anyone know where this is from? Reverse image search gave me nothing.
Thanks in advance

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Does anyone have the mock-up for this specific jewel case image? I'm pretty sure I got the original on /gd/, but I accidentally ruined it and I can't find the random album art thread to ask there. Plus I figured it's better etiquette to ask /wsr/ first.

Thanks in advance