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Do you recognize the other memes?

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Hello everyone I only recognize loss and bongo cat.
I'll post the cropped loss and bongo cat as a reply.

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A couple of years ago, I saw a short clip from an anime where a group of (time travelling?) girl soldiers was surrounded by knights in a hall, with the king on his throne acting all mighty.
One of the girls crouched down, shot the knights with her uzi and left the king speechless.

I never found out which anime this is :(

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When I was using Google Chrome recently, my computer froze and I had to shut it down. When I booted up my computer again, Chrome showed me a button to reopen all my tabs again (which always works fine). But the problem is, my computer shut down again before I could even click the fucking button, and now I have no way of seeing what my tabs were. Is there any way to get them back?
There has to be some kind of underground glowie way to find out what I had open, right?
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Does anyone know where I can get the game shown at 11:32 in this video -> ??? It's called "Racism Land" ((((Mods pls don't ban me))))

nth number of this sequence

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1000 2250 3750 5500 7500
+1250 +1500 +1750 +2000
The number that gets added is increased by 250 with each.
Could someone please tell me the equation. THis shouldn't be so fucking difficult for me i did it before but for some reason i just can't

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Anyone have a higher resolution/less blurry version of this?