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Image editing help

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Hey, I would like some image editing help with this image.
I would like for the text to be removed, there's a reference image in the next post for help in case any extra details are needed
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Song from Northern Exposure (Starts at 50:49)

Koha Ace references

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Need help in understanding those references.
It's Kohaku from Tsukihime cosplaying various characters and I need to know what series those are from.
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Romantic anime with a relationship from the beginning

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Could I get recs for anime that is centered on a couple, boyfriend/girlfriend or husband and wife, where their relationship is established from the beginning - or at least early on - and is about their adventures as a couple or them developing their bond further, instead of the usual "she likes me/she likes me not" falling in love story?

wayback machine error

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I am searching for a solution to this error, but I am unable to find it anywhere.
I have some technical issues with wayback machine.
>pic related

Help with ffmpeg script

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Hi, is there a way to do something like this zoom in effect with barebones ffmpeg or do i really need to pass through Kdenlive?

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Can I get a webm with sound for gif related? I always wondered what the original audio was.

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Does anybody know where i can find a decent quality watermark free version of the MadTv skits Meatbeaters and Retarded Brother?