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I’ve been trying to track down this picture all over the net and through archives and can’t find squat.

It’s a sfw picture of an anthro fox(?) girl, she’s got a blonde bob cut with long hair, a summer dress, the view is lower and looking up at her, and she’s giving a smile to the viewer looking down. The expression work was particularly nice in the picture so I wanted to reference it.

Shot in the dark, but if anyone has it I’d be grateful.

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looking for any possible sauce on this art, hope this isn't too nsfw for this board

we don't have the original image, we just have a dude known for stealing shit in our discord saying it's his art, this is it with this mspaint style coloring taken out as best we could

Need help finding a new phone case?

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I’ve had this case for years and it has served me well; I can throw my phone across the room and it will be okay. I tried looking on Amazon, Ebay, and Five Below (the place where I go it from) but could fine nothing like it. All of the case I see leave the screen totally exposed.
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What are the best philosophical mangas ?
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economics and legality

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If usury is illegal, why do banks give loans in America?
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ASMR video request

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I discovered her YT channel like a year ago because of the ASMR videos but stopped watched because IRL stuff and i decided to see whats new and i just DONT know what the fuck is going on in it but i also discovered that the videos are deleted/privated so any help with that? and if you have information about wtf happened it would also help my curiosity

Main channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxnAcQLWfsq5THDdbZRChNA
Maybe don't click on the first video

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How do I make these kinds of images? The ones where the thumbnail is completely different from the actual pic (I'm not really sure what they're called).

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Can anyone just give me a comprehensive list of all the 4chan archival websites?
Or even just post a link to a list?