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Does anybody know where i can find a decent quality watermark free version of the MadTv skits Meatbeaters and Retarded Brother?

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I'm trying to remember a word.

It means mysterious, surreal but has a positive even dreamlike vibe to it.

Like a story might be weird with humans turning to flowers on death but it's presented beautifully where they light up under the moonlight and there's a whole field of them, so it's not weird in a bad way.

Or a story set in a dream where furniture talks and sings, it's weird but it's happy, pleasant.
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Need Help Sharing

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I need help sharing this server and getting more active members. We are looking for people who will post good and offensive memes. If you could share the server it would be very much appreciated:

Can anyone here help me to find a way to unlock my Tmobile locked phone

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So I'm from a third world country and I bought a lg g7 from swappa for my mom that was sold as unlock. But when I got it, it was tmobile locked and no unlock website can seem to unlock it and tmobile wont unlock it without having the account its link to. Does anyone know of any software I can use or any other option

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Should I upgrade to windows 11? My laptop says it's ready for it. Is windows 11 good?

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What's a good Seinen manga to read?
Started getting into it recently, read Aku no hana, Happiness,Shinguirui and Naru taru.

Something with interesting story and characters would be good.

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Does anyone here know how GIMP works?
I have somehow managed to move the toolbox to the right side and can't get it back to its normal position.
I'm pretty sure I fucked with some other settings too while trying to fix this.
Is there any way to return everything about GIMP back to normal, to its default settings?

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Can someone give them MAGA hats