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UOOOH images

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Need more UOOOH images. The rarer the better.
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Can anyone find a higher res/less compressed version of this? I can't really find anything that doesn't look jpeg'd to shit, and if you can't either, do you know any good ways to remove jpeg artifacts?

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I will record a song based on the image, phrase, or word you post, and I will upload the song as soon as possible.

When I post songs, please give honest criticisms on what needs to be improved especially for mixing & mastering.

Due to my busy schedule, this thread may die quickly. If it does, I will immediately start another thread as soon as possible.
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Is there a way to download things on Spotify as an mp3 without a premium account?

Steve mcqueen

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I want this photo as a print, can someone link or post to as high a resolution version of it as possible?

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What is going on in this image?

Looking for a Map...

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A few months ago maybe there was a strange map of the United States posted to /x/. It was like dlc, had "in-between states" and features like Texas being wider than it should be. It wasn't as detailed as pic related, but it definitely had more than 50 states, and included all their capitals as well. Anyone out there who's willing to share?