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nth number of this sequence

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1000 2250 3750 5500 7500
+1250 +1500 +1750 +2000
The number that gets added is increased by 250 with each.
Could someone please tell me the equation. THis shouldn't be so fucking difficult for me i did it before but for some reason i just can't

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Anyone have a higher resolution/less blurry version of this?

Ig sites

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I need a good site where i can watch stories and highlights anonimously

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can someone pls recommend me animes like hamtaro?? cute soft animes

old post about ancient chinese history

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looking for an old post on ancient chinese history. It gave a breakdown of every empire and invasion. It was a pretty brutal description, I believe it was on /news/ a quick google gave nothing. so thought I would post here.

why do they use a Border-box for everything?

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I mean, this site was written in.. 2016/17 couldnt they have used flexbox instead?
I'm trying to reproduce this by using grid.. seems like i need to mix flexbox in with it (stuck for some time now, somehow my list points are directly upon each other)
But then i looked up how they wrote it and saw that and it bugs me, I dont get it, why? around that time there was flexbox available, so why using border box even for layout?
I can find various sources on how to do border-box and few of them even describing when to use what, but its odd.. I'm missing something..

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Hello all, I need someone to take this map and do the following:
>remove colored icons and text
>remove top right title card
>scale image to be larger (so as to zoom in without losing much quality)
I am making a video series on the Swedish Invasion of Poland, and editing is tough enough as it is. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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there are two masses m on rails and connected with a bar of length l.
both masses can only move along the rail they are on, so the (x1, y1) mass can only move in y direction and the (x2, y2) mass can only move in x direction.

now i have to formulate the lagrangian equations of the first kind for that setup.

I've already identified the constraints as
g1 = x2^2+y1^2-l^2 =0
g2 = y2 = 0
g3 = x1 = 0

but i don't know how to continue from this point on.
lagrangian mechanics is a new topic for me and i'm honestly kinda lost, so any help would be appreciated