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Useful Resource Torrents

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Well I've finally mustered up the willpower to leave 4chan, but I would like to take any useful shit to be had with me:
I would like all of your finest mega-aggregation-of-resource torrents, such as the /ic/ study torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0aebc0f02e6c179b62e04c69af3e5adee3abee12&dn=IC-STUDY

HELP with next ANIME?

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I need help picking a new, KINO anime to watch.

I've seen many classics and finding new ones is harder and harder.

Seen: HxH, Death Note, Lelouch, FMA, Steins Gate, Shingeki No Kyojin (AOT), Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Made In Abyss, Castlevania, JoJo, Monster, Vinland, Demon Hunter, Some Mushishi, Promised Neverland ...

As well as the Movie classics. Akira, Grave of Fireflies, princess mononoke, Your name, Silent something, Koe no Katachi etc.

Any GREAT series recommendations that I'm missing.. would love to hear it! Thank you!!
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Dreamlike games

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Are there any video games out there that are set in an Imperial Boy/Solarpunk type setting? pic related

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Hello there! I am trying to determine the origin of this strange cyberpunk/posthuman video snippet. Is it part of someone's art project, or is it from a movie? Screenshot added; link to a Vimeo of the clip in question.

Thanks in advance!

Anon Proves Being Furries Is Genetic

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I saw a screen shot of a post once where an anon explained how he jerked off exclusively to furry porn for about a month and it never got any easier for him. Using this information, he declared that being a furry was genetic as opposed to being a learned behaviour. Anyone have the post?

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So im gonna be building a pc first time since 2013-4 i think and have no idea what things i install/do software-wise while setting up in 2020 with ssd, new graphics etc.

I have my my win10 bootstick, i install that, get to desktop and now what?
Go to nvidia page for drivers? Anything changed over the years?
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I need help

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Does anybody here know where this picture is from? Or even the artist? I really like how the girl is drawn. Reverse image search isn't helping.

Thanks for the time!

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Just got laid-off from my wagecuck job. Recommendations for jobs that can be done with computers and phones at home?
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