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Does anyone have the pic of two people in a blizzard/storm in a frozen wasteland?
The two people look like stick figure, you cant make out anything other than two black blurs. Theres a mountain on the left, as well as the far back, and the whole pic has a bluish look.
It has a lot of grain, looks something like a shot from a 70s-80s movie, but im pretty sure it isnt.
Something like a shot from The Thing, but with more grain.

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Looking for anime with Nietzschean protagonists or themes, any suggestions?
Already seen Texhnolyze.
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How do I decide on what anime to watch? I feel like I never have anything, and I don't have a backlog either. Any good methods you anon use to look for new shows?
Not really looking for recommendations but more methods. But if anyone has anything, I'm looking for something to get me emotional. Either through comedy or sadness.
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rpg/strategy game with this feel set in a desert world ?

pic related is "Persian Wars", despite the name, it has Arabic, Greek and Indian mythology

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Looking for a speech, about american/allied forces occupying Germany, "we come not as liberators, but as conquerors" "we might stay forever" are some quotes.

Seems as if the internet has been cleansed from it since I can no longer find it on my own.

Best 3D Modeling Programs?

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What are the best programs/apps for creating 3D models/images of people so you can get a good idea of what you want your characters to look like, and why? Free and/or easy to use with no background in that kind of thing is preferable, please.