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Linear Algebra help

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Let P=(1,2,-1).Find the Point of intersection of the plane 3x-4y+z=2 with the line through P,perpendicular to N.

>My wrong solution deduction:
So I thought that if I have the line X=P+ tN (N being the normal vector of the plane) and then write X*N=2 I will get the point of intersection if I find t.But I got 3/20,-8/20,-1/20.Which is the wrong answer.Not sure if my deduction is wrong or my algebra is wrong.

>The Correct answer
The correct answer is (25/13,10/13,-9/13)

>The help part
How do we solve this problem.I'm kinda retarded so please go in as much depth as you can bother with.JOB
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Michigan English Test

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I am looking for somebody that work or have worked in the past for the Michigan English Test organization. I need some advice/help related to this exam. Thanks

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Found my old phone that has my big tiddy ex's nudes on it and came into the mood for a nostlagia fap. Problem is, shit's locked with a pattern, and I can't remember it, and the only methods I found from the pajeets are all gonna factory wipe that shit. So question is: how the fuck do I unlock it while keeping all those pictures of her monkey? it's a lenovo, and no, i can't use my google account, it updated to current android version as soon as I turned it on, and this one doesn't do that anymore. thanks in advance

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Does anyone know how to replicate this vocal effect in Audacity or some similar voice editing program? It's obvious there's pitch modulation and a reverb of sorts, but I wanna get it right for this guy I like's birthday.
>inb4 faggot
He's just really fond of the series and he helped me through a particularly bad depression. I'd really appreciate help. Help my autism and I'd be eternally grateful, friends.

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Gentlemen, I need your best coomer images.
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What font is this?

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I tried /gd/'s font request thread, but no luck.. anyone? Thank you.
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True original version of Street Dance(r)

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I have been trying to find a downloadable 320kbps version of this for years to no avail. I found this almost 11 years ago on some obscure mixtape site and have not been able to find another downloadable version since. anyone know where i can find one?

Looking for a webm from 90s thread on wsg

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like the title says. It's bunch of clips from the 80s/90s mostly of girls at a beach with some music in the background, the webm ends suddenly with a guy running someone over with a car, think it was some old volvo or something. Been trying to find it for ages. Has anyone got it saved?

Do you guys know what video this is from

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Some of my files got corrupted and I'm missing the other half to this, so I was thinking of making it myself, but I never actually saw the source documentary before.