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Which Macross should I start with?
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Sup wsr,

I'm watching The Pacific on my PS4 and noticed there's only a 5.1 audio track, making the dialogue very quiet compared to the explosions and the music. Is there a way I could force the console to downmix to 2.0? I'm watching with headphones connected to the controller.

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need help finding a video i saw like 3 years ago i think. i originally saw it on /v/ and it was some japanese video in a 3d style about some kids finding a box that prints you like a billion yen or something but the catch is is that you have to spend a billion years in some time prison (TIME DOESNT ACTUALLY CHANGE IRL BESIDES LIKE A SECOND MAYBE), protag goes through some kind of ego death, his time passes up in this time prison and then he gets his money, at the end of the video he presses the button again and the video ends. i remember the video being in a style similar to popee and also the works of osamu sato, the thread it was originally posted in i remember having a reply that got a lot of yous with the OP talking about how he can speed up time or something and everyone replying calling him a insane person, does anyone know what im talking about and have the video? i remember the video having like a couple hundred thousand views.

How does lubricant work?

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Im stuck on this stupid question in physics class and need to explain how lubricant works in half a page or more
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Manga character

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Hi there, it's been some days I can't find a manga charater I saw a panel of on /a/ sometime ago.

My best description of the panel goes as this, she was welcoming someone while leaning her arm on a table (as the picture), wore glasses and a headband, short hair and I'd say that looked as if Mandy (from the Grim Adventures) was ported to a manga character. Any guesses?

Photoshop Request

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Hey Anons, I was hoping somebody with better editing skills than I could change the foliage in this image from green to red? All the moss, leaves, vines, whatever is green to an equivalent shade of red. Idk if this is as simple as moving a slider or much more complicated. It's meant to represent a location for a D&D campaign I'm running.


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Lately my usb drives have been constantly notifying me about my External Hard drive being plugged in. Sometimes it would give me an unrecognized USB error, but it would end up working anyway. I knew this wasn't good for it, but I didn't really have anything I could do. Today I got another unrecognized USB error, but now the hard drive wont show up. I looked around online for solutions, but the issue is that most of the solutions need the hard drive to appear in disk management etc, but mine is not detected at all. The thing that is giving me hope is that the hard drive still powers on when I plug it in. Any suggestions? I tried different usb ports and different laptops with no success. Is it possible for a cable to work with powering on a device, but not with file transfer/detection?

How to wipe/factory reset an android phone from desktop using adb

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Wiping the phone or factory reseting internally isn't an option and I'm kinda retarded with computers and have no idea how command lines work. I did some research but can't find anything about this specifically.
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is there a website that archives ?
waybackmachine excludes it and google cache you can't choose a date
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