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Is there ANYWAY to see the NSFW images on DeviantArt without signing in? I don't won't to jump through a bunch of hoops everytime I private browse.
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Books about John Titor

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Requesting books (preferably in pdf) about John Titor - a poster claiming to be an American military time traveler from 2034. Also any books which aren't in the list. Thanks in advance.

John Titor in wiki:

List of books:

conviction of a time traveller

where is john titor

continued: chronicles of john titor

authorized: chronicles of john titor

the secrets of time travel

John Titor A Time Traveler's Tale

Who Authored the John Titor Legend?

John Titor, the Lost Traveler: Stories Of Time Travelers

Disclosed: Chronicles Of John Titor II by Bob Mitchell

John Titor A Screenwriter’s Journey (Volume 3)

John Titor: The Corporation
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I'm modifying some textures for witcher 3.Can someone please delete the skin textures and just leave the tatoos on a transparent background?
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/t/ archive with search funcitonality

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as title says, is there any archive for /t/ with search funtionality?


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Trying to figure out a more 'matured' Dawn design, similar to the May design I came up with in the replied image.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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I'm looking for some old browser game. Probably made in flash player. It was like top-down game set in cave. You had a flashlight and it casted dynamic shadows. There were some monsters in cave and your friends got taken by monsters. Something like this. Game had actual plot
>pic unrelated

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ive reverse searched this image to find the artist but i couldnt, can anyone help me find the source ? thank