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Can anyone help me identify what model of Trinitron this is? Thanks!

Photoshop Request

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Can anyone remove the text and background from this image?

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Would anyone with the ability to shoop be able to crudely draw hair and a Starfleet uniform on this Pepe such that it looks like Captain Janeway from Voyager?
I would love you forever x

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From what anime is this pfp from?
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Firefox Mass Image Downloader Addon

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Is there a Firefox addon that will let you mass download image on the webpage you loaded?

The two I have (Download All Images, Downloadthemall!) aren't great.

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What is the best way to furnish my bedroom? Pic related is the top view of my bedroom without furniture. I need to know where to put my (single) bed, a table and one or two closets. Also, I would like some different furniture and decoration suggestions.
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old ass animation software

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Does anyone know this animation software?
Some anon in a /co/ thread once posted the link to the site and an archive of animations made with it.
Its pretty old and only lets you make files up to something like 320px wide, logo or atleast the logo of the exe looked something like pic related.
I deleted it and now theres no way to find it since its so obscure.

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is there any board for learning foreign languages on here?