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Looking for specific image

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There exists an image that is very similar to the one I have posted. It is of a child sitting at a table, who is turned away from the viewer toward a big, dark space, just like this dog is looking at. It is, essentially, the same picture, but just replace the dog with a child. I have tried looking for it with as many combinations of search terms I can think of, but I have been unable to find it. I cannot remember if the picture of the child is a drawing, a painting, or an edited photograph. I simply know that it exists. If anyone has it, I would appreciate it.

Help me think of a badass surname

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i'm writing a space western story and i'm having trouble with thinking of a surname for the main character.

his first name is Vance and he's supposed to be a confident badass guy who will often put himself into dangerous situations and hazard with his life just for fun (it's not like he's going to be undefeatable/invulnerable though).
i have thought about making the surname connected to either space, his personality, killing, or guns, but i haven't been able to think of anything because i'm retard.

pic related, since i'm taking a lot of inspiration from Gene Starwind and Starwind is a verybadass surname, man i wish i could think of something cool sounding like that

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archive of the "life of an american citizen" video

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I'm looking for a movie I saw ages ago that had a really homoerotic scene between a "straight" guy and his gay friend.
>Straight guy is really stressed or something and the gay one offers to give him massage
>He lays in bed and is really enjoy the massage while the gay guy stars undressing
>Gay guy starts moving his hands lower and lower until he removes the other's guy underwear
>Straight guy sighs and says something like "well, you have to try everything in life at least once I guess"
>Scene ends, next morning they're both nude in bed
>Straight guys wakes up, smiles and leaves

I'm pretty sure it wasn't a porno because nothing explicit happened, not even a kiss

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i need someone to draw sundowner buying a bottle of mountain dew voltage. time sensitive btw