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Can anyone switch the places of the Catholic and the Protestant?
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I'm looking for the source of this image, google image search is getting me nothing

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I'm looking for a way to have my Windows start-up just before my alarms. I would like to utilize them to have a greater chance of waking up. Thanks

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Are there anymore images like these bros? All I have are two.
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Streamlabs setup

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Got a custom pc and its great expect streaming is garbage quality. I've got a duel monitor both 4k monitor @60hz rtx 2080 super, 19-10980 CPU and 32gb of ram. im trying to stream at 1440p at 60 frames but before as soon as obs launches my GPU is maxed out to 100% cant even stream at 720p. been looking around to find a resolution but ive gotten nothing. if anyone got any possible solutions id appreciate it
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got a problem, could use your help. while gaming my mouse seems to randomly shift around. so ill be aiming looking at a target and all of a sudden I'm looking behind me. I've looked it up to the best of my ability, uninstalled drivers, checked for updates, made sure acceleration was off, set my polling rate was set right but still nothing. I've been having this problem for a while and I'm kinda pissed. I've even reformat my computer but it still happens so I'm thinking maybe its something wrong with my mouse but I don't have another one to compare it too. and I don't wanna have to buy a new mouse. kinda expensive. but if so if you got any recommendation for solutions or a new mouse. id apprititate it.

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My academic intelligence peaked at 10th grade, before that I had straight As on gifted honors classes.

What are some work books or just books to help me with developing a bigger word vocabulary and improving grammar? Any recommendations on math? I say I stopped around pre calc.