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flash editing/translation

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which software is the best for editing flash (swf) games? In particular, replacing text strings for English translations. I've tried JPEXS and for the most part it works fine, but it doesn't seem to export/import everything, which would force me to manually seek out text and edit it.

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I got sent here from /g/

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I have two problems. One is that in the "users" section of my "Acer" folder, I see a public folder that cannot be deleted without permission from "SYSTEM"

My other problem is that a network appeared with a different laptop there.

Is my computer dying or virus? I am terrified and tech illiterate please help me

Looking for a WotLK Steelseries Mousepad

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I bought this mousepad ten years ago, and I'm looking for one now. I'm desperate for a new one, no other will do it for me guys. There has to be at least one out there, preferably that ships to the UK but I will jump through whatever hoops to get me one or two.

Jaws movoe cover with Jew nose

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Can anyone find that image with a jew nose in place of the shark on the jaws movie cover? I searched everything i could and couldn't find it

Similar to pic related, but the shark os a giant nose


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> Googling for good jokes yields anything but.
If you have good joke, from any source, of any kind, please share
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Anyone know what this street art baby sticker is? I see it all over Los Angeles

what is all this traffic?

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im running a small home server with a website for music and films etc. i havnt really advertised it but im getting a lot of traffic, sometimes 10Tb per day. my pageviews are low, between 10 and 70 per day.
it just seems people are constantly downloading the entire server.
heres some data:

Current Time: Friday, 15-Oct-2021 00:32:53 EEST
Restart Time: Saturday, 09-Oct-2021 23:59:52 EEST
Parent Server Config. Generation: 7
Parent Server MPM Generation: 6
Server uptime: 5 days 33 minutes 1 second
Server load: 24.57 24.69 24.74
Total accesses: 810292 - Total Traffic: 3843.1 GB - Total Duration: 3362927955
CPU Usage: u270.02 s272.86 cu9840.7 cs5499.18 - 3.66% CPU load
1.87 requests/sec - 9.1 MB/second - 4.9 MB/request - 4150.27 ms/request
17 requests currently being processed, 58 idle workers

what gives /wsr/?

Memory Usage always at 60%

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Even if i haven't opened a single thing, it always stays at 60%. Help please
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Anyone got more pictures like these?
More preferably a restaurant or place based on a fictional character but random celebrities are alright
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