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I must know where this is from. It's from a hentai manga, apparently.


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I will record a song based on the image, phrase, or word you post, and I will upload the song as soon as possible. Unlike previously, songs will take more time for completion. Do not expect as many songs to be made compared to previous threads.

Oops! My thread died too early! Continued from >>>1143209
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When I was a child my father taught me how to do equations that looked like this. In about less than a minute I could pretty much solve any multiplication question I was given, by carrying the number and all sorts of other tricks, multiplying the numbers individually.

Now after going through the the gauntlet of the public education system I have completely forgotten how to do this. It has been drilled out of me. I can't even do basic maths.

How do I do pic related? What is this type of equation called?
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Looking for sprites for the dead facebook game Streaker by Yamago. Apparently a zip download existed on this board and I'm wondering if y'all could share it.

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Is there any text that will get you automatically banned like in the old days anymore?

Like I remember years ago I got autobanned for posting some kind of bait thread copypasta. I need to know to trick a moron into banning himself.
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Why do some images posted on this site include a filename like this?


Is that a hash or something are people include in the file name to send other people down a rabbit hole or to decrypt with a hidden message?
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Where can I find a download for the scanlated parts of Houkago Play? There's nothing on Nyaa at all and the DL for the first volume I found through mangaupdates is dead.