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anyone got a cock .li invite to spare?

jeff060588 @protonmail .com
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Space kind of songs

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Songs that give a space vibe like blessing of the moon from the terraria calamity ost

Looking for a specific reaction pic

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I think the character was Neferpitou from HxH. It was an intense image, like she was attacking the viewer.
Pic related is the most accurate replica I could make from my memory.

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Requesting Icons of the SUN or of ECO SOLAR ROOFS.

New renovable energy thing focused on eco solar roofs and the power of the SUN.

Thanks for any graphic designers or skilled people at photoshop/illustrator and whatnot.

What are some good sites for reading manga?

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What are some good sites for reading manga? I'm tired of waiting for mangadex to function

Needed: Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony magnet

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Haven't been able to find it on public trackers :( PreDB says the following exist: