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5 fancy medium-hard programming exercises for beginners

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My cousin needs to do then but he is caressing imagination so I want you to tell me 5 exercises that he can do for his evaluation.
It must be or have the next functions:
-Switch(make menus of basic math exercises and a bit of if or for)

Inputs can be
-char or

The exercises must be at least medium level

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requesting "I'm motivated so fdb - yung dro ft. virgil" it was a very popular edit of fdb on youtube and it was hilarious but it appears to have been nuked by uploader. was the original link.

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Could someone shoop this stupid hat on top of Pepe's head?
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Britfags - and non-Britfags too I guess. Can you list cafes, restaurants, pubs etc. in the UK that you know have shut down in the last 5-8 years due to various reasons (not strictly related to COVID19 or bankruptcy)?
I know that there is one wiki page on this subject, but I need more names and preferably lesser known and smaller businesses that closed in that specific timeframe. If you have had a direct experience with one (or with any kind of shop, really), even better. Thanks.

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It's me again.
Today is my first week of exercising. I'm doing
a) running for ~30mins (to which the duration of chapter/s of an audiobook approximate) on Monday, Tuesday, and weekend.
b) rest of the days I'm doing pushups 10 sets 4 reps
c) stretching after waking up

Could you please recommend some books on breathing? Should I breathe through nose or mouth also when I'm tired? How does the progression look like? Please note that I have Gilbert's Syndrome

Today for the duration of ~40 mins I ran until I was tired, and walked till I could run again. Is that a good approach?
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Muscle Ross

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Hello /wsr/

I have had the misfortune of getting someone for my work's secret santa who is obsessed with Friends.

I want only suffering and dispair.

Please could someone photoshop Ross from Friends on to a really muscular body so I can get her a Muscle Ross poster commissioned for her to put up in her cubicle.

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Hi does anyone remanier a video game around the 2000’s /cd format, about the tale of momotaro, Asian baby born from a peach that goes to seduce a princess (I think) it was a point and click kid game that was probably not Asian made (I’m french)

Pic not related

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What is the name of this effect?