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anyone know how to view a private insta profile without following? every website is of course a survey filled scam. give me an answer and i might throw a penny at ya

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Can anyone help me find a high quality scan of this image or even just a higher quality sample image? It's promotional art for the anime Working!! (Wagnaria in the west) featuring the characters Taneshima Popura and Mahiru Inami. Based on the art style it seems like it's from 2015 (aka around the time the third season was out) but I can't confirm that. I originally found this via JP Yahoo Auction 2 years ago. It's not on danbooru, gelbooru, sankaku or exhentai and Google, IQDB, SauceNao, TinEye and Yandex gives no results.

Japanese lyrics transcription request

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Hi all,

Hoping to get the lyrics to this song transcribed (in Romanization). The song is in Japanese, one minute and thirty seconds in length, and I'm hoping to be able to read out the lyrics myself.

If you want to do extra, I would be grateful if you would also translate it into English as you think fit, but that is completely unnecessary and I'm more than happy with just the Romanization! is the link- thank you in advance!

Kaho shibuya old streams

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Anybody here knows what games has Kaho played on her twitch?
Does anybody has the old streams?
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Trying to find this indie game

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I can't find this thing anywhere, it's a pretty obscure indie game from Premise is you play as a rabid dog that lives in a blood cave that leaves home to fight the corrupt juggalo/clown (forget which one they were called) police. It was a pretty decent game but I never got to finish it. The look and gameplay were kind of similar to OFF but with less puzzle solving. Pretty sure it was an rpgmaker or wolf rpg game. Looked in every tag and with every keyword I could think of and haven't found it anywhere. Picrel is my rendition of how the dog sort of looked.

Comic Request

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Anne Frank is with a handsome Nazi.
In full uniform.
He loves his little "jewbywuby"
They move into Auschwitz
He puts her in a gas chamber and she's so scared.
Then he surprises her, he's converted it into a nice sauna. He's such a nice guy.

Can a group of people pick numbers for me?

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The first number is from 1 - 25, the second is from 1 - 167 (the numbers can repeat)
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