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Back in the day I remember using this as well as FileTram when looking stuff up. Sadly though they seem to have gone the way of the dodo, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any alternatives?

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How do I fix a .exe file that just closes instead of running
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Infinite Dendrogram Clean OP

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To the anon that was requesting this last month (hoping you're still here, shot in the dark), the blurays for Infinite Dendrogram just got uploaded and they have the clean OP you were looking for.
You can either encode it yourself or wait for someone else to do.

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Is there a romcom anime/manga about a girl simping for a fit guy?

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how does anon get into private trackers without knowing torrent-aware people.

i only got into ipt and red so far, but i'm looking for something spicy like exoticaz or ptp.

help with homework

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I fucking suck at this unit of chemistry and need to finish this assignment today i have to show my work so i would appreciate some help

here are the questions

You must show your work in order to receive credit for doing this progress check.

How much heat is added when 50g of ice at -10oC is changed into liquid water?
(Answer: 17,725 J)
How much heat is added when 500g of liquid water at 20oC is changed into vapor at 100oC?
(Answer: 1,297,200 J)
How much heat is absorbed when 20g of water at 82oC is raised to 110oC
(Answer: 47,109 J)
How much heat is released when 45g of water at 30oC is placed in a freezer at -10oC?
(Answer: -21,596 J)
How much heat is released when 15g of liquid water at 30oC freezes into ice?
(Answer: -6,891 J)
How much heat is released when 50g of liquid water at 100oC is placed in a -20oC freezer?
(Answer: -39,650 J)
How much heat is absorbed if 10g of ice at -3oC is converted into vapor at 108oC?
(Answer: 30,343 J)

They provide the answer but you still have to show the work if no one helps that's fine i just wanted some help while i work on another assignment so i could get this one done faster

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Hello guys i am a web developer and would like to find new clients i have tried everything on the internet Craigslist upwork fiver etc do you guys have any suggestions on generating new clients?
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Why do different twitch downloaders have different files?

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youtube-dl and have different size downloads of the same stream. (Same resolution)
What gives? It's off by about ~25 million bytes out of 430/405 million. They seeeeem to be identical but this triggers my autism.
How do I make sure I have the highest quality stream?

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Please recommend me some military anime. Preferably military with mechs though it's not necessary, also preferably sci fi. something like macross, with a focus on technology and mechs if the show has them. similar to armored trooper VOTOMS