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Can someone listen to this drunk cringe and tell me what generic rock ballad song this is or might be? I need it to make a dumb meme (that doesn't involve my shitty, autistic voice) don't listen to this or answer my question if you have low tolerance for shitty things; you'll probably just decrease the time it takes for you to get heart disease or cancer and die by a few minutes:

I can't remember any of the lyrics for the same reason, ironically, that I'm looking for it. It was so bland, it almost fades into the background as "some kind of guitar music that teen movie teenagers from the mid 80s to mid 90's might listen to" (I'm not sure of this assessment, but itsounds like its dead between sounding like 80s music and sounding likesome sort of 90s music maybe 00s music. The kinda shit you'd play while wearing an unzipped varsity jacket).

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I haven't done video editing in a while, but it was a passion of mine until about 2017. Now I'm wondering, what video editing software does everyone use these days for stuff like YouTube Poops, AMVs etc?
I used cracked Vegas back in 2009 and still use it out of habit whenever I need a video editor recently, but is it just shit now? Half the formats I use these days (webm and a few others I can't name off the top of my head) won't even open, so I'd have to convert shit back and forth.

I Am Boss Collection

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I'm looking for all the versions of this image with various photoshops. I've got "I Am Boss", "Bitches dont know I am boss", and the verbose one that goes "the person wearing this shirt..."
I know there's a few others out there that I can't find with simple image searches such as "deep throat my asshole" and something about 2ch. Help finding them and others of the same original image would be appreciated
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Discord bot suggestions!

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Do you have any suggestions about discord bots for a discord server in building? And if it’s possible, could you give a short description of your bot suggestion?

I don’t search a specific category, so, you are totally free concerning the range of fields cover by your bot!

Thank you for your recommendations!

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Hi, retard here.

What are some good small breasted manga? Not talking about doujins since they have shit storylines. I'm looking for a good manga or two with small breasted women with a little fan service maybe and a good storyline if possible.
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Source request

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What manga is this character form? I'm having a hard time finding the source.

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Any movie/TV show with competent bad guys?

Like the bad guys aren't just cannon fodder? Like for example every character has john wick level skills
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I need help finding a painting of a kid climbing a mountain looking at a bright gold city that is behind the hills. I tried my best to make a representation.