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A few years ago I found a study where a sociologist was studying doomsday cults so they joined one to see the reactions when the end doesn't come. In this study they found that the group actually grew for a few years and that's the thing I'm specifically interested in. I found a book called "When Prophecy Fails" but I think I read another thing.

What is this lady eating and why is there a crab on it?

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Water got into my phone and now the volume up button is stuck and keeps pressing, and the power button barely works, What do?

please good comfy software

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software that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. whether because of the UI or its function, doesn't matter.

ZSNES Animated Snow Background

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Requesting either an animated gif, or a working recreation in code, of the snowfall animation seen in the background of the ZSNES emulator. This background is very near and dear to me, and I would like to possibly use it as an animated desktop wallpaper, or at least for some slightly amusing images that I could make with it. Thank you for your assistance.
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blind spots

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anywhere i can find a blind spot map for the st claire county michigan?

Good torrenting programs for mac

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Hey /wsr/ i'm currently using my gf's mac for torrenting. We used to use utorrent until she updated to the new OS Catalina. now utorrent is not supported any longer and you can only use utorrent web which I don't want to use.
Now we use Vuze which is ass and barely functions properly.
Can some kind anons please give me some recs for torrenting programs that I can use on her mac?
It's only for movies and shows if that is any help.

Does anyone know the name of this video game?

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There's a game I watched a let's play of a while ago but can't remember the name of. It was pretty weeby, main character was a Japanese female detective who liked cat cafes, and she was investigating the murder of a shrine maiden at a Japanese shrine. It was mostly vn-like with some side-scrolling parts. In the final section you descend into some sewers and if you found all the hidden cats the cat king comes and rescues you, otherwise you meet some weird dark god or something. Also there's a bit in the game where you investigate the death of an idol which turned out to be linked to some weird cult, and you go into the woods where they had their compound, that same cult is linked to the dark god in the sewers. I think the MC actually gets fired before the end because the whole situation is driving her a little crazy and it shows. It's been a long time so I'm not sure I'm remembering all these details correctly. Does anyone recognise it?