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I'm trying to dump raw (uncompressed) audio from an old game console in the highest resolution possible.
I was wondering if there was a solution like pic related that could dump the analogue output to digital media (the USB stick).
I know that capture cards exist but I'm not confident I'll get the quality that I want.
Any ideas?

Anyone know how to rip videos from this site?

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Also is there a place to downloader the other episodes? the ones on youtube all have audio problems.

chinkpad android removal > install linux

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hi i want to buy unbranded mediatek chinkpad/chinktab with good specs on aliexpress. i need some guides on removing android completely and then install arm-supported linux.

how do i copy the original rom and get the drivers for my linux? how do i modify the bootloader for installing linux?

if you're too lazy to reply just reply with articles with guides

RPM too high on my pump.

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I tried searching everywhere before I posted here and couldn't find any help so here it goes...
I own a h150i elite capellix and its driving my nuts. I cant change the pump rpm on this thing even on silent mode on icue and it wont go lower than 2200. :/
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lost Communication mmd

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i revive my thread
I am looking for an mmd that disappeared a year ago. it was like this
but way better camera control and movement, with different background and way better rendering. it was Seele Vollerei from honkai impact 3rd with the same costume as in the link above with the same song Perfume - Communication. i think i saw it 2 years ago. i think it might have been shared by the official honkai impact fb page
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anyone know where i can find a high quality version of this with color (for the red text)? i'm wanting the original print
i'm wanting to get this printed and i plan to bind it myself
the geneva bible and paradise lost pdfs would also be appreciated