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Help me find a podcast/movie/documental

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A year ago i saw a video about a trio who betrayed one of them to be a star, let me explain what i remember.
The video said one of them really thinks nowadays is a star and the other two are just laughing at him and making this all fake, they started with a documentary and had a "fake hollywood movie".
Clearly the star one is a crazy man and they pranked him about being talking in phone with the president.
I don't remember any name, just remember their faces and this all happened in the 2000.
Everything about this remembers me to Truman's Show but irl.
sorry about grammar. TY ANONS

.gif request

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Yeah, can I get a gif of a man riding a horse in the middle of the road where the view is sideways and the sun is right behind him?
>pic kinda related

Evangelion themed wrestling

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hi everyone, I coach a high school wrestling team and I want to make NGE t-shirts

could someone please put white wrestling headgear on Unit 01? and *on* the headgear could you put a generic rattlesnake logo in purple or black?

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pc aliasing and flickering in games

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so here's two vids on my problem.
there's flickering on most 3d objects and i literally cannot get it to go away.
these are the things ive done so far

-replaced the cpu, gpu, MOBO, and psu
-reinstalled windows 4 times now on the ssd and hdd
-uninstalled and reinstalled gpu drivers also rolled them back
-used someone elses windows download usb
-fucked with every aliasing option in games and in control panel
-used a friends monitor to see if the monitors were causing it

my specs are; 3060 RTX, ryzen 5 5600x, 750+w corasir gold PSU, b450 pro wifi MOBO, samsung 970 evo 250gb SSD, WD 4tb HDD, 16gb DDR4 ram.

I upgraded from a 1070 gtx and a 2600x ryzen 5

please i ask you help me figure this fucking problem out its been going on for a month now.

Mail Forwarding Service Recommendations

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I'm looking into buying a couple of things from the US which aren't available to the rest of the world. I found that mail forwarding services are a thing that pretty much cover my situation at hand since I want to buy multiple items and have them delivered to me here in Germany.
Does anyone have experience with these services and can even recommend a specific one? Seems like there's a decent selection to choose from and having never used one of these I'd appreciate someone chiming in.

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Some upstanding young black man stole the bumper off of my car and this is the closest thing to a license plate I can get. Can anyone make it more clear and make out the numbers?