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looking for that image of the one thread on vt or jp where that guy was talking about recognizing gawr guras voice from family reunions and how he jerked off to her

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I want to build a folder of Marge Simpson facial expressions as references for future commissions. Please post any that you find interesting from Frinkiac.
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artist / soruce please/ onegai . thank you!

robotic process automation

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Are you fed up with the constant routine? Attending seminars with your colleagues and constantly hearing "Automate your processes." What kind of automation are we talking about? We are talking about the Implementation of RPA Robotic Process Automation. Immediately a counter-question arises. Why does our company need it? Robotic Process Automation.
allows you to optimize a pool of business processes - identify archaic processes, propose new ones, and use artificial intelligence to improve current ones.
RPA is a relatively new but actively developing type of automation based on the use of software robots. Unlike humans, software virtual assistants handle routine information processing faster, do the work more accurately, require minimal capital investment, and therefore provide an impressive return on investment. In addition, robots work clearly according to a set scenario 24 hours a day and do not get tired, regardless of the volume of tasks assigned. This article may be helpful

How to wipe/factory reset an android phone from desktop using adb

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Wiping the phone or factory reseting internally isn't an option and I'm kinda retarded with computers and have no idea how command lines work. I did some research but can't find anything about this specifically.
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I'm trying to find that "take notes" video, google won't show me it
I was eventually able to find this vaporwave version:
but I'm looking for the original

Snoop Dog Video

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Hello, I’m looking for a specific snoop dog meme music video that had a bit where a sfm demosnoop flies off into... somewhere. I only remember this piece of the video unfortunately.
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Any chance someone can ID this battery brand or know a solution to my problem? Wanted to take a hit and the light flashed white once and now it won't turn on at all. Doesn't turn on when I plug it in to charge and it should have been mostly charged. It was working earlier today.

Ideally I want to find the brand to find the instructional booklet that came with it. I'm sure it should say something about it...
Really hoping it didn't just go to battery heaven

Circle tip
It has 4 settings
Green - blue - read (strengths)
One setting where it goes through a short rainbow and slowly heats up from green to red before turning off. Probably for one big hit but I never use it.