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Royalty-Free Music

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Let me hear the coolest, weirdest and most interesting royalty-free music you know of.

Math help for coding something

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I need to figure out an equation for finding out how many times something happens in a second. Currently my logic has 3 variables only.

Every X seconds, add 1 to Y. Z would be the amount of times Y happens per second.

So for example, every 10 seconds, Y gets 1. So after 10 seconds, Y = 1 and Z = 0.1

So I'm struggling to figure out how I do the math to find out Z for any number inputted into X.

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Whats the method for writing down some given transfer function that is delayed or accelerated?

On pic related - do i multiply the transfer function by the the ZOH to make it "delayed" and divide it by ZOH to make it "accelerated"?

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Can I get some sauce on pic related

3D girls with 2D (anime) heads

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more like this please?
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Any anime with LWA vibes? I had a shitty month and I just need something cute to distract me.

Deus Ex asset extraction

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I'm trying to make a map based off of Deus Ex, based on the original Unreal engine. I can extract maps without textures but I'd really like to be able to import models and maps into Blender, fully-textured. GMDX textures if possible. Is there any tool that allows me to do this?