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I need help finding a painting of a kid climbing a mountain looking at a bright gold city that is behind the hills. I tried my best to make a representation.

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are there any movies that are similar to the yakuza games? if so what are some good recommendations

Looking for an old text based game

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I've been trying to look for an old text based RPG game. It was a browser game. The best my memory can describe it was that it was mostly texted based with some fantasy or old school painting used as pictures. You had to roll for your stats at the beginning and the game had some randomly generated rolls to determine whether you succeeded or not in something. It was a choose your adventure style game with randomly generated events. Also I'm pretty sure it was an old site. Any idea what game that is?

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Hello i can't seem to find a torrent or streaming service that hosts the movie "sono tornato" with English subs, i apologies for me being retarded but i was wondering someone had a link to wear i can find it with english dubs

Recommend me some anime kinos

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I returned to anime after a long hiatus. I want to treat this "dive" as if it was my last (before I migrate to manga or literature). What are some masterpiece-level shows that I haven't seen yet? You can see what I have seen or already planned to watch here:
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recommend me obscure or forgotten cgdct shows

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Can someone photoshop my friend's eyes to resemble Hu Tao (Genshin Impact)?
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How to make a portfolio?

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How does one even start a GitHub portfolio? I'm not a career software dev, and I'm not looking for a job as one, but I'm in a field with computers where programming is useful. Having a portfolio is not really a must in my country; I don't think all employers even know what GitHub is. Regardless, I think it'd be nice to make a portfolio, but I really have no idea how to begin. I read some articles and these are some tips I could understand:

>make simple stuff but make it right, it doesn't matter if it's really common stuff [How common are we talking though?]
>make the same stuff in several different languages, so you can show that you can use them all and don't have to come up with new ideas for every single thing
>use different frameworks/tools/ways of doing the same kind of thing, for example, if you have two websites in there they should be using different technologies

Are these solid tips? What else do I need to know? All the ideas I've come up with are just some numerical simulations, an app to track your exercise, another thing in Unity to help you visualize a simulation (not a game though), etc. I don't know if these are really lame and maybe I should aim for a different kind of project (What though?). Are there some must haves for a portfolio? Is GitHub the best alternative? Can I keep it private from other humans but only make it available to my potential employees? I'm clueless about so many things.

TLDR: Requesting a quick rundown on making a programming portfolio.