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Does anyone know the name of this video game?

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There's a game I watched a let's play of a while ago but can't remember the name of. It was pretty weeby, main character was a Japanese female detective who liked cat cafes, and she was investigating the murder of a shrine maiden at a Japanese shrine. It was mostly vn-like with some side-scrolling parts. In the final section you descend into some sewers and if you found all the hidden cats the cat king comes and rescues you, otherwise you meet some weird dark god or something. Also there's a bit in the game where you investigate the death of an idol which turned out to be linked to some weird cult, and you go into the woods where they had their compound, that same cult is linked to the dark god in the sewers. I think the MC actually gets fired before the end because the whole situation is driving her a little crazy and it shows. It's been a long time so I'm not sure I'm remembering all these details correctly. Does anyone recognise it?

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i loved this song but youtube took it down. how can i access it and download?

Food Fighter Misaki Full Manga

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Does anyone here have the full manga of Food fighter Misaki (フードファイター美咲)? I know there are copies on nhentai and other similar sites they are all missing pages and out of order.

It used to be on Pixiv but it was deleted a long time ago and the pages where all posted on the artist's own site.
Though the site is looked via password.

Sorry that I don't have more information, but if anyone here has the full version, or leads to said version that would be greatly appreciated! thank you for your time!

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Reaction images of all kinds.
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Okay, post ALL hololive's real faces!
Apparently /jp/ is too jealous to do this
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is there some kind of 4chan illuminati? who runs the show, if you know what mean.