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Any chance someone can ID this battery brand or know a solution to my problem? Wanted to take a hit and the light flashed white once and now it won't turn on at all. Doesn't turn on when I plug it in to charge and it should have been mostly charged. It was working earlier today.

Ideally I want to find the brand to find the instructional booklet that came with it. I'm sure it should say something about it...
Really hoping it didn't just go to battery heaven

Circle tip
It has 4 settings
Green - blue - read (strengths)
One setting where it goes through a short rainbow and slowly heats up from green to red before turning off. Probably for one big hit but I never use it.

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Hello! Can someone please tell me the name of this song or at least make out some lyrics other than "around the world"? Thank you in advance.
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Offline hobbies

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What's a good hobby I could get into that doesn't need electricity? I wanted to get into rollerskating/rollerblading but there's no space for it around here.
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anyone got the gif of the black man knocking down a white guy and choking him on the ground?

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I’m trying to play all of the WitchSpring games on BlueStacks, but I could only find WitchSpring 1, and even then, I can’t get it to work. Whenever I try to play it, Google blocks me stating that I don’t own it despite having the OBB file in the right spot. It seems like there’s something I need to do called signing the APK file in order to play it. What is that, and how do I do it?

I need APKs and OBBs for the latest versions of WitchSpring 2-4, and some instructions on how to install premium games on Bluestacks.
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requesting this one old ass meme comic I saw a long time ago

It has stick figures drawn in MS paint having a discussion, one figure is sitting at the table and the other one is standing on top of the table squatting down with his ass above the plate of the figure sitting down, also the one squatting on the table is holding up some cover trying to conceal his stance.

The figure on the table accuses the one sitting down that he is making too many assumption by assuming that the he is going to take a shit in his plate even though he is squatting down on top of it and says to him something along the lines of "this shows a deep sense of entitlement" etc.

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Can anybody kind enough, post the mega link for the seasons? I've checked the archives and all of the links are dead

Can some girl please sing this short part of the song? I wanna use it in Twitch.

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They're basically 5 words, the last ones that appear at 1:05 in this video.
I want to use it as sound effect when I get followers in twitch. Sorry, but I'm asking to do it for free. A request.