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How do i fix my torrent getting stuck at 98%
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That gif but guy is triggered and changed to violet monster

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I've never used this board, but there's a film I'd like to watch and haven't managed to find it anywhere online. It's called the Ister (2004). If you can share any way to stream it or download it that'd be great !

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I named a task in task scheduler 'JOHN' and now I can't change it

What happened to teenpussytits

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Did died ?

Good movies

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Im looking for good movies.
Ive been looking on imdbs top 250 but kind of begun to fall out of options.
Ive watched and liked fight club, shutter island, inception, the wolf of wall street, whiplash, the prestige, and am looking for something similar to those.
Please jout out the movies you like 4chin that are close to these.
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>create no trolling no bullshit request thread
>no replies
tell it to me straight is this because you hate me?