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Discrete math help

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What are some popular things?

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There is a website, where you enter a topic and talk to users who also entered that topic.
The problem is, there is no list of topics people are using.

So, what are some popular things people are also likely to discuss/enter as tags?

You would think it's as simple as getting a big list of the most popular things, say steam games and going through them.
But, say you enter DOTA, literally nobody.
Then you enter Danganronpa, 200+ people.

Same with artists, anime, youtube channels, or literally anything.
There just happen to be some with "fandoms", but as far as I know there is no way to list them all.

Another problem is, some of them have abbreviations.
Like MHA (My Hero Academia), popular but I wouldn't know people use it if I didn't test every 3 letter combination.

What do you think, /wsr/?
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Game suggestion

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Any driving games to recommend that uses H shifters (manual transmission stick)?

It doesn't have to be racing game, Casual is much preferred as long I got to use the stick when I drive then I'm satisfied.

Currently what I have is WRC8, Assetto Corsa, Euro Truck 2 and MudRunner.. Forza series is not my thing after I tried it.
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Alberta Bound 2: Calgary Boogaloo
Follow up because I accidentally let the Alberta Bound let my music request thread die.
Hoping musicanon is still out there.

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Can't Find that One Scene

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Does anyone have a clip of a guy flipping a heavy, breaker/lever-like switch in a dark room?

I'm losing my mind. Because I'm thinking of a specific scene but cannot remember the movie. I recall a guy in a dark warehouse (?) flipping a big switch, to turn on equipment or lights or something.

I literally cannot find anything that is even slightly similar, because every search term I tried on Google or YouTube yields totally unrelated, non-switch content. Can anyone help me with this?

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Can an anon bro superimpose Greg Abbott's dumb face on the Mac and me wheelchair scene up to splaashdown?

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Looking for a meme/macro that looks very similar to this only it was red and had edgy text.

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I'm looking for a video where there's a bunch of people watching some kid singing and its set in the german countryside somewhere and slowly its revealed that they're all nazis. I'm sorry if my description of it is bad but I've had this memory of this video for years but I can't find it anywhere

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Need help with physics cuz me bad retard. I gotta calculate the terminal velocity of this water rocket we’re launching. What formula do i use if I know drag, height and time it takes to reach the ground from height max