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Need Pravda (the soviet newspaper) articles from 1980, prefably 1983.
pls help

He-Man 80s

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Me and some friends are going to watch some episodes from the 80s cartoons, could you please recommend me some of them? Like the most bizarre and entertaining from all of them?
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Mutant and Chimera Art

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Does anyone please have any art of mutated and/or chimeric animals that don’t delve into body horror, please?

What the hell is this

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One of the non-sequitur images people post. Where is it from?

Need an artist

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I made a request for an edit of this painting of Dante's Divine Comedy last week, but my last thread was kill while I was at work. Pic rel is a rough idea of what I was going for, but I don't have the art skills to finish it.
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Books on the Tor network

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I'm looking for books (preferably paperback) about Tor; specifically on studying internals like routing on osi level, protocols, how a packet flows through the network and anything relating to Tor's network.
I've already read some of the stuff from:

Skeleton protagonists/main characters

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Requesting anything with a skeleton as a protagonist or skeletons as main characters.
He-Man only kinda counts.
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I've gone down a bit of a rabbit hole here and I'm trying to find the original source of a couple of songs

The First song

For a while I've been trying to track down the original sample that is featured in the intro for Abe's Oddysee @ 51 seconds to 1 minute

The song was also used in a Sun Microsystems commercial

using shazam and google I was also able to find a song that samples this orchestral piece called "Some Thoughts are Hard to Die"
by Musetta as well as some other songs that also use the same orchestral pieces as their sample

I've even come across this which has the most complete and clear version of the song albeit with spoken word over it

yet I cannot find the original song or where it came from
I assume it's from a music library but I have no idea which one