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Where can I watch shippuden dubbed? Pirated it like a year ago but want to watch it on my PS4 now but can’t find it anywhere apart from subbed shit, don’t care about price.

This season anime

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Anything good to watch? why? give me your reason to watch that show.

Looking at the list, nothing looks promising. maybe dolls frontline but that's it.
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Characters in black armor

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Looking for pictures of chracters in black/dark armor, specially if they're also carrying a sword. Doesnt matter if male or female.
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Anything helps

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This past year I started having grand mal seizures, around 1 a month, and they have put me in near constant pain, because of them I can't work, drive, and they've been detrimental to my memory. I have no health insurance and I'm now homeless since I lost my job because of all this, I don't know how to proceed, I don't have anyone in my life who can to help me, I live in the US, if you could give me any advice on what I can do I would greatly appreciate it, if you can help me financially I would be eternally grateful, my cashapp is $fleyre

Painting Source

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Can anyone source me this painting? If you have a wallpaper resolution of it too that would be appreciated.

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What's the particular version/cover of the song in this video? The song is Black Sheep by the band Metric, but it doesn't sound like the original version, nor the Brie Larson version that's currently prominent...

Brie Larson:

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Hi, my display assembly on HP Elitebook 1030 x360 with model id 2zv62av recently broke and I have not been able to either id the correct display and or find any shops selling this part. The repair company told me that the price for the fix would be around 800$ which is too much for me. Could you please help me find the correct display and a vendor?
Thank you
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Tragic manga

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Give me your most depressing manga with rage and revenge.

One that hit suddenly without you expecting any of it, and you feel rage and agree with the character pain and suffering.

Berserk was okay, but something shorter and the story had completed is much appreciated.

My top read is still Misu Misou, it satisfies me when punishment befall those who deserves it.
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Can someone work this out for me with a paper + pen working out?

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Need someone to work this out for me with a pen + paper working out
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where is this from