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Skeleton protagonists/main characters

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Requesting anything with a skeleton as a protagonist or skeletons as main characters.
He-Man only kinda counts.
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I've gone down a bit of a rabbit hole here and I'm trying to find the original source of a couple of songs

The First song

For a while I've been trying to track down the original sample that is featured in the intro for Abe's Oddysee @ 51 seconds to 1 minute

The song was also used in a Sun Microsystems commercial

using shazam and google I was also able to find a song that samples this orchestral piece called "Some Thoughts are Hard to Die"
by Musetta as well as some other songs that also use the same orchestral pieces as their sample

I've even come across this which has the most complete and clear version of the song albeit with spoken word over it

yet I cannot find the original song or where it came from
I assume it's from a music library but I have no idea which one

Looking for the name of a game

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It was some old game with colored tanks, might've been some sandbox game. The graphics were not anything impressive, mostly solid colors. It had nice and relaxing music, and I also remember there being some "napalm" ability, the tanks could shoot special magic stuff. The game wasn't new, definitely made before 2013. Pic related is my shitty attempt at drawing it.

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Anyone know where I can find a torrent to all of the manga materials images?

Help me remember the name of an anime

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Can someone remind me of the name of an anime ?

It was older, maybe late 80s early 90s. Don't remember much about the plot but I remember the main characters were two sisters(?) who wore a relatively skimpy black outfit. Almost dominatrix-y. I think they were witches/otherwise magical, and they hunted demons? Also pretty sure there was a boy MC who was a bit younger than them and was supposed to be the kinda self-insert character. I remember one of the sisters, maybe both, had poofy red hair.

Any ideas?

Source of this pic? (without the soijack)

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What should I do if one of my GPUs is missing from the Graphics Preference menu? I'm trying to have two different apps be set to use two different GPUs. Both GPUs show up fine in the Device Manager window but I only see my stronger one in the Graphics Performance screen.

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Does anyone have the webm or know the name of the following scene from a japanese tv show: They're in a classroom, she's got blue eyes, maybe dyed blonde hair as well, she beats the guy up and throws him against the shelves on the wall, I think a pot falls on his head. It's part of a few webms I've seen around here from the same show.