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lost Communication mmd

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i revive my thread
I am looking for an mmd that disappeared a year ago. it was like this
but way better camera control and movement, with different background and way better rendering. it was Seele Vollerei from honkai impact 3rd with the same costume as in the link above with the same song Perfume - Communication. i think i saw it 2 years ago. i think it might have been shared by the official honkai impact fb page
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can't remember title of anime movie

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Does anyone know the name of that anime where the girl falls up and she's from an underground secret society of people that fall up and there's a theocracy dedicated to killing everyone who falls up and the twist is that the people who fall up are actually falling down and the people who fall down are actually falling up?

I've been searching keywords for this anime for a while and I can't find it on any site and I can't remember the title. It was a movie, about an hour long I think?

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where can i find windows version of Sentimental Graffiti (センチメンタルグラフティ) ? i searched everywhere but i fiund nothing, please help!
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Looking for a meme format

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There's this one exploitable webcomic panel where two sperms are talking to each other, one says they cant wait to become a baby or something, the other reveals they're in the butt. It should be easy to find, I just don't want to google "sperm in ass meme" or whatever.

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What's the first site he talks about?
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Is there a bigger webm of this webm? With BETTER resolution?

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How to extract and play .asf files?

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Downloaded a video in a rar file, its in asf inside but i cant extract or play it. It says "You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack filename.asf". What to do???