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4chan pass not working on blue boards ever since switching to linux

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I'm using Brave with extensions so the obvious answer would be to clear my cookies, disable extensions/shields, disable 4chan X, etc. and see what works. However, the problem even persists when I try using a fresh Firefox install in a private browsing window with VPN disabled. I authenticate, and then it only allows me to post on green boards without captcha.

I don't understand how switching to linux (ubuntu/pop os) would affect this, but I'm almost positive that it's somehow the root cause because I've been having this issue since day 1 of making the switch and it happens irrespective of the browser I'm using. Any ideas?
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Is there a big archive/collection of german marching songs ranging from 50s to ww2-era?

im not sure what else to call them, but marching, traditional german laments, rally stuff... etc

some examples: heres

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wtf is bussin

Best fang-like dev env?

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I want to save my code and then run one script, like bazel test, and have it start my whole app start up including whatever microservices and databases I configured, and then start running my tests.

And I want that environment to be almost identical to my production environment.

What's the easiest way to set this up for my hobby projects?

New Subway ad

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look at this gentleman preparing food. anyone recognize the location? any autists able to find this guy so i can report him? he drinks out of the bottles and puts them back. also puts food on the toilet seat. yum.

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What song is this? It came with a stage that I downloaded for my M.U.G.E.N. many years ago
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lost Communication mmd

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Hello! I am looking for an mmd video that disappeared a year ago. it was like this way better camera control and movement and way better rendering. it was Seele Vollerei from honkai impact 3rd with the same costume Papilio Lily as in the link above with the same song Perfume - Communication. it was deleted around 2019-2020. it has been shared by the official honkai impact fb page

here is the deleted youtube link:
other links to the youtube embed:
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Good -->FLAT<-- telivision
Like just a screen to watch shit on not a full fletched system with idk amount of useless shit