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How to extract and play .asf files?

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Downloaded a video in a rar file, its in asf inside but i cant extract or play it. It says "You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack filename.asf". What to do???

Easy math

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I have to write parentheses in this thing:

3 x 5 + 3 - 2 x 7 + 1

so the result equals 3. How?

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song source? cant find exact one

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where can i watch old school anime from the 60s and 70s?

Song name please

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It's some kind of 80s beat with a foreign (French) guy rapping over it. Just interested in the beat. Pic is the video it came with, I assume it has nothing to do with the audio.

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advice for selling expensive collector’s items online? let’s say at least $300 or so. the easy thing is to throw everything up on ebay, but that market is supposedly rife with scammers who WILL find any loophole to screw you.

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Looking for a movie I have some memories of from my childhood.
Only things I remember was that it was a kind of setting where humanity was dying out and there were only a couple of humans left alive. The final confrontation has a gunshot ricochet and hit someone.
Can't have been made before the mid 00s but it felt like an "old movie" so it's probably older than that. I pretty sure it wasn't a zombie movie too. Had a Western vibe with serious men and gritty faces with little dialogue but I'm pretty sure it wasn't set in that time period and the setting wasn't Western. The final confrontation had trees and vegetation and a cabin I believe.

Fukumoto Manga

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Need help finding the fukumoto manga to download (specifically Akagi and Ten) with good quality scans and in cbz file form so I can read them on my phone. Tried nyaa but the torrents are being seeded.
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