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Hi. I'm looking for Geoff The Hero's Christmas Madness series. A series of videos where He plays Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 against randoms online. These videos are deleted from His YouTube channel. Where can I find them?

>"Looks like GameStop's gonna get alotta trade-ins today!"
>"You got this game on Christmas, YOU MUST BE A CHRISTMAS NOOB
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I'm looking for a YouTube video of an attendee taping a Yankees vs Mariners dugout clearing/brawl in the old Yankee Stadium. Sometime between 06 and 08? The guy is at the rafters.

>Lets go Yankees
>Lets go Yank- OH SHIT
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Kung-Fu movie?

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Any recommendation? better yet if it's take place in china.
I tried finding on youtube but all of them were blurry with no subtitle.

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Anyone got the KK card for this character?
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Broading the horizon

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Japanese animation is called Anime
Chinese animation is called DongHua (correct me if I'm wrong)
What does Korean one called?

Also, any recommendation for chinese and korean animation? hopefully they're subbed.
Only donghua I have watched for now is Hero Returns (Yingxiong Zai Lin), animation aren't as good as modern anime but the plot is good enough to me.

Animes are getting boring recently with most of them revolves around harem, isekai and forced fanservice, I need something new.
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low level question i don't understand where is my mistake.

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is it because i started with subtracting 3y.
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Looking for a website that had a list of aesthetics during different years/eras. NOT a wikia/fandom.org website, not a blog either. Plain white background. Collaborative iirc. Discovered late last year, but cleared my history and did not bookmark. Example image I downloaded off the site if it helps.

Resources on Orthodox Christianity?

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Orthodox Christians of /wsr/, (if you exist) where can I find some good resources on the faith?
I have a Romanian friend online who is extremely helpful to me, and reccomends I visit an Orthodox Church. However I'm not sure I can do that just yet due to various irl factors. I'm a protestant/non-denominational and I'm raised this way, because of this I have almost zero knowledge on things like sacraments, confessions, "church fathers", icons, the Virgin Mary, etc. Are there any good books or videos I can read or watch that would help me learn more?
I ordered an English copy of the Septuagint and an Orthodox New Testament to hopefully help me understand more on the faith, but I'm unsure what resources I can use other than that and visiting a church. I don't get out much and I want to bring a family member so I don't want to burst in with no knowledge whatsoever of their traditions or history, I want to learn more first.

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can anyone explain to me what's the deal with devilman timelimes
watched ova and i was thinking about reading it but appareantly it then turns into multiple timelines, what is actual canon? is there any conclusion to it? is it somewhat explained?