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Source of this pic? (without the soijack)

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What should I do if one of my GPUs is missing from the Graphics Preference menu? I'm trying to have two different apps be set to use two different GPUs. Both GPUs show up fine in the Device Manager window but I only see my stronger one in the Graphics Performance screen.

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Does anyone have the webm or know the name of the following scene from a japanese tv show: They're in a classroom, she's got blue eyes, maybe dyed blonde hair as well, she beats the guy up and throws him against the shelves on the wall, I think a pot falls on his head. It's part of a few webms I've seen around here from the same show.

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Looking for a specific reaction image of an anime girl making this face, does anyone have it? I think it might be the blonde girl from Yuru Yuri or maybe someone from Little Witch Academia.

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this guy reminds of someone, possibly a cartoon character not necessarily human. anyone have a guess? thanks
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Tell me to brush my teeth please
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