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Fell into the pit of numbing inevitability aka Hololive and enjoy the Japanese song covers. Problem is I don't know the name of a cover song I had heard.

In an ENG translated video they mentioned it had more views than the original, an idols song/game/anime theme. It had millions of views with a dedicated music video (flashing neon signage). I don't know members well enough to say it's Shion, Towa, Aqua, Rushia or Suisei.

Any weeb help?

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What's the best way to sync files between a folder on my Windows 10 PC and an Android tablet on the same WiFi?
Also, what's the best way to read manga on a tablet? I'm new to both tablets and manga. Help would be appreciated.

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Anyone know how to download videos from this site?

Help me. Please

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Create a function NumberDays that return the number of days in a month. Write a program that will ask for the integer equivalent of a month from the user and display the number of days for that month using NumberDays.