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help me find some cool songs

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gimme the song names for 3:55 and 4:30 in this video please and thanks
some suggestions on how to find more music like it would also be nice ty <3

how do i continue from here

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50g of arsenic sulfide (orpiment)
it was supposed to be kept in a small container but it would appear that it has gotten into the wrapping
what type of respirator should i be using?
i got this from russia for 30$ including shipping (the alternative was buying the same amount (50g) for 130$)
and how dead am i

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Looking for cursed tyler1 webm posted on /wsg/ a while back. Here’s the link:
The post is saved, but the webm isn’t, and that is the last time it got posted. I want to see it again because it is legitimately cursed, it is only 10/11 seconds long but it keeps playing after that until about 25 seconds. Thank.

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What's this new squirrel wojak meme? I love it.

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Can a math anon please tell me where the highlighted three is supposed to come from? I get the rest of it but I just can't figure out why there's a three there. Thanks.