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Resources on Orthodox Christianity?

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Orthodox Christians of /wsr/, (if you exist) where can I find some good resources on the faith?
I have a Romanian friend online who is extremely helpful to me, and reccomends I visit an Orthodox Church. However I'm not sure I can do that just yet due to various irl factors. I'm a protestant/non-denominational and I'm raised this way, because of this I have almost zero knowledge on things like sacraments, confessions, "church fathers", icons, the Virgin Mary, etc. Are there any good books or videos I can read or watch that would help me learn more?
I ordered an English copy of the Septuagint and an Orthodox New Testament to hopefully help me understand more on the faith, but I'm unsure what resources I can use other than that and visiting a church. I don't get out much and I want to bring a family member so I don't want to burst in with no knowledge whatsoever of their traditions or history, I want to learn more first.

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can anyone explain to me what's the deal with devilman timelimes
watched ova and i was thinking about reading it but appareantly it then turns into multiple timelines, what is actual canon? is there any conclusion to it? is it somewhat explained?

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I must know where this is from. It's from a hentai manga, apparently.

war criminal turns hero

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Any manga / anime with this kind of theme? ex-military men, (preferably women if possible) but with dark history joining the society but had to take action again due to circumstances ?? big bonus if their background is war criminals.

Some example I can think of is similar to Jin-Roh, Pumpkin Scissor and probably Full Metal Panic.. I'm not sure if Red-Eye counts since I never finish that one.
Black Lagoon Roberta was the perfect example, but she isn't the main lead. Something similar like that I guess.

It doesn't have to be single hero, they can be a team as well, just like A-Team (I think they got military background do they?).
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Is Kagenui supposed to have some sort of accent? I don't understand why the subs are so slurred specifically for this character.

Got any cool sites?

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Got any cool sites you wanna share for boredom?

I'm bored yet I don't know where to visits to quells my boredom.. anything interesting like funny stuff, interesting stuff, places you'd visit when you're bored.
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Maybe you know this film

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firstly, please excuse my poor english grammar. I'm looking for a certain film.
Film was about some travelling person, traveler that spreads religion if I'm not mistaken.
Reach some country, was accepted as royal guest I think, then spread his teaching to commoner.
I think he has intercourse with every women he spread the teaching, I think he even did it with the queen.
The village men gets angry with him, ask the queen did she or did she not have sex with the said man.
They want to lynch this guy but I forgot what the ending was..

Is this some historical film or something? I got the recollection while listening to Rasputin song.
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SRW clone game?

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Are there more super robot war clone / alike game out there that is translated or easy to play without knowing moonrunes and mostly are female cast?

Original Super robot wars are cool and all but they're too shonen for me and I don't like shonen stuff no more.

Similar game that I have played:
Super Robot Wars Endless Frontier
Battle Moon Wars
Gensou Shoujo Taisen (I didn't finish this one)
Queens Blade : Spiral Chaos
Queens Gate : Spiral Chaos
Super Heroine Chronicle
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