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DJing with vinyl rips

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How do I beatmatch and mix vinyl rips with normal mp3s? It's very hard because the tempo isn't constant, rather it's too fast, then too slow, then too fast again, and therefore I can't rely on software to detect the bpm.

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Source on this video?
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Pics of anime girls being bullied / heartbroken

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Pic related. Any sort of pics where a girl is driven to tears or some pained expression. Preferably from verbal/mental abuse, rather than physical, though a slap or something minor like that are fine as well. Gonna post a couple of examples, pls give me some more.
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Who is she?
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Who is this amazing Asian babe?
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is there any reddit srchive like or , (theese dont hsve the archive of account that iwant)

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Good evening, I'm looking for the pixiv source of these 2 Youjo Senki images, or wherever the hell they were first uploaded in... Everything I can find are reposts with no mention to its source.

Any clue?

[1st picture]