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Tell me to brush my teeth please
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Where to buy furniture other than Ikea?

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I want to buy a new dresser but Ikea is out of stock of everything decent looking. What other online retailers sell affordable modern styled furniture? I don't want to spend more than $300.

Having a problem with MPC-HC

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So I'm trying to watch Black Lagoon, and I'm having an issue where the player would stop playing for the first 10 seconds, and skips to 15 minutes.
I got the vids from, and is the issue being my computer is too underpowered to play the vids, or is the issue with the player itself?
Is there any way to fix it or should I use other player?
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DBZ Think Mark

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Turn this into a "Think Mark Think!" meme

I'd prefer "Think Shallot" instead of "Think Shallot Think!" But you're the one editing the photo, so you're the boss.

Make whatever joke you want, if you're stumped make a Gacha joke.

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Need help finding a youtube channel.
It has a female narrator, and mostly focuses on stories from japan from what I watched.
A couple of the videos are stuff on 2chan.

One in particular was about a lawyer who got harassed by 2chan, and still does to this day. In particular, they will print out stickers and post them around places he's at.
What's interesting is I can't even find any english sources for this story, since I was going to try more searches with his name.
None of the search terms I can think of on youtube return results.

No.1061061 ViewReplyOriginalReport Could someone find me the sauce or link me to a YouTube video of the original footage in this video without the music, cuts, editing etc?