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guys do you know where I can get a torrent supplier for documentaries ?
I have a which is great for movies/games but very few documentaries.
Happy to pay some money if its decent.

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does anyone know the link name of this video

how to get easier chaptas?

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i remember they changed the chatpa back to the old one but you had to enable it somehow.
how do you do it?
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1931 Dracula with the 1998 Kronos Quartet soundtrack

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Hello, anyone here got this version of Bela Lugosi's Dracula with the 198 OST in 720p or 1080p quality? All versions I keep finding, such as the one in web archive are 480p or less and the Legacy Universal bluray isn't sold in my country. Thanks.

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Need help finding some pictures. These ones glitched out on me. I'll describe what they are in every post.
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random clip request

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looking for clip where a black guy and white guy argues and the white guy yells "do you even know what its like to feel white?" like some sort of universe reversal comedy thing from a long time ago. I saw the clip on youtube, It probably got deleted from the dmca apocalypse. If you can tell me what it is thanks so much.

Chemistry Help

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Hello anons,

I did very poor on my last chemistry exam, I want to go over my last exam and try to understand why I got questions wrong, and what I should've done to get the correct answer.

Issue is, I can't contact any classmates to help me understand, and due to covid-19 we don't have the ability to meet one on one with professors.

So I was wondering if anyone could offer their assistance, thank you in advance.