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Can a math anon please tell me where the highlighted three is supposed to come from? I get the rest of it but I just can't figure out why there's a three there. Thanks.

extended mixes of picrel

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Can someone help me find a free download link for the extended versions of these tracks?
Everyone seems to only have the radio edits, even soulseek.
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TF2C & Open Fortress

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Does anyone have the download links for Open Fortress and TF2 Classic?

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Is this image fake? I cannot tell.
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I'm trying to find a song that I can only remember from recent memory. It probably came out in the past few years, as it sounds like something that zoomers would listen to. I can remember it being a rap song, with a faster tempo and a very distinct sounding instrumental part with trumpets and some melodic electronic fuckery. I'm also pretty sure the lyrics were about a girl.
That's really the best I can do at this point. Please post anything that fits the description.

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Please tell me which character is typed between " *window " and " SDL_CreateWindow " in this video at the 6:26 or so mark.

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Are there any fantasy manga with this kind of art style present in N64 Zelda games and GBA Fire Emblem games?