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AnCap literature

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Recommend me some AnCap/Libertarian books.
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Trying to find a reverse audio search site

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There was a site I use to use that would do audio search similar to reverse image search when you'd upload a file and it would show you results on YouTube of what song was playing in the sound or video file.

I can't seem to find it again, I lost my bookmarks when I changed my OS and forgot the name of the site. Does anyone here know what the site name was that might be using it?
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Fuck this gay shit

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My gramps died today and I feel shitty. Is there a manga similar to Asper Girl? I really love it but I have read through all of it and now I have to wait.
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Picture of guy in motorcycle leathers leaning out of car through turn

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As the title says: I've been looking for this picture of a guy in full motorcycle racing gear driving a car around a corner, leaning out of the opened door as if he was on a motorcycle. I know it's a stupid request but I've been looking for this damn picture with no luck. It made it's rounds through all the car and motorcycle forums about ten years ago but seems to have disappeared from existence. Thank you for Abby help you can provide.

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On firefox, i'm trying to get that menu that lets you look at the images and other media on a page. It was like Inspect something but none of options on the right click drop down are it.

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What’s the name of that meme where a guy sends his friends to fight some dudes standing in the background and they get beat the fuck up?

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Is there a romcom anime/manga about a girl simping for a fit guy?

Translate to japanese

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Can someone please translate the following phrase to colloquial japanese:

"I already lost so many favorite denpa artists, I don't want to lose {name}-chan too"