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Unknown PC problem (GPU related)

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Hey guys, I need your help. I was using my computer as usual when Epic Games Launcher requested an update. The installation apparently failed so I tried opening it again. While logging in, some artifacts appeared, and the computer crashed (the YouTube music in the background kept playing, but the screen remained frozen).

I tried restarting, but the main screen (HDMI) refused to display anything. Meanwhile, the second screen (VGA) wordked, although some artifacts (see pic related) appeared during the POST.

I tried DDU Uninstaller in Safe Mode, then I re-installed up to date Nvidia drivers. Same problem. (It's a GTX 770, btw)

I tried to uninstall Epic Games Launcher, but it returned an error like "unable to find" or something similar, so I removed the folders manually. The second time it allowed me to remove it. But the problem was still there.

One more thing I noticed is that "Sleep" option (alongside Shutdown and Restart) isn't there anymore.

For the record: One day before I updated Windows (a minor update) and Nvidia drivers (in order to test with Detroit: Become Human demo, which gave me serious crashes anyway).

I am worried, guys. Any help is welcome.

Update: I removed GPU drivers again, and tried installing a couple previous versions. Now I have a different type of artifacts, that appear and disappear when I move the mouse. If I uninstall the drivers, these last artifacts are gone.

I refuse to believe that it is a hardware problem, because these last serious issues start when I (or Windows) try to install GPU drivers.