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Give me a list of the most important anime.

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Anime that is genuinely worth my time. Here's some anime that I've already watched and I like:
>Code Geass (and all of the movies)
>Death Note
>Attack on Titan
>JoJo (and the manga is great, too)
>Made in Abyss
>Welcome to the NHK!
>Serial Experiments Lain
>The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya + the movie
>Lucky Star
>Angel Beats
Give me anime that is very essential and classic, maybe. I'm also interested in shounens like the big three, despite people saying they're crap, I don't care, they seem fun and I wanna watch them.

I'm not looking to literally binge watch every single anime in existence, since there's stuff I'm not interested in, like ecchi and erotic stuff especially, because I find it boring.
But anything that is mystery, action, SoL and CGDCT is great. I also like JoJo a lot, even though people hate the fanbase because of being repetitive with memes or whatever (I do think Part 8 is kinda crap though).