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Chemistry mass balance problem

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I'm having trouble getting started with this problem. A few of the inputs and output mass flows are given and all of the percentage contents are at least given or assumed (like water = 100% water). But I can't workout the first phase of the process.

Here's the data with all the values:

At first I wrote two equations, one for water mass flow and a second one for the molasses content flow,

w(100%) = (0.75)(120)+(0.94)(wash)
640(100%) = (0.25)(120)+(0.06)(wash)

But it didn't really make any sense, cause the second equation isn't measuring a specific component, just any component from the molasses path. (I know that sounds confusing, but I couldn't explain it any other way).

And also I think I wrongly defined what "Wash" is. cause I mistook the diluted molasses as wash, but what does the "wash" even do/come from?

Any help or advice would be great. Thanks.