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What the fuck happened

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My 6 month old laptop is scaring the shit out of me. It has had nothing but technical problems since I bought it, and I paid a pretty penny. Now I'm freaking the fuck out because I think it's breaking on me already.

I booted it up and it was slow as hell, lagging, and things weren't loading properly. But then after 30 seconds, I felt something underneath the mouse-pad move, and heard a sound as it moved. Almost like it dislodged itself. And then boom, all of a sudden my laptop is up to full speed again.

Let me clarify that this laptop is a work laptop mostly, which spends 90% of its time indoors, on my desk. So it is not subject to any harsh treatment at all.
So what happened? What moved inside of the laptop? Why was it slow and then suddenly got quick when the thing moved?