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IOS browser problem?

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I will state a few things first before you reply to my post.

1 I use an ipad

2 My internet is fine, youtube, discord, 4chan all load well.

3 yes I have opened and closed the browsers, and reseted the ipad. Same result.

Soooo…Something happening lately is that in any browser I use certain sites load like crap or don’t load all together. Mainly sites like gogoanime, zoro(dot)to etc. And the ones failing to load images being Inkbunny, e621, and so on.

Other sites load perfectly, spanish anime sites. And gelbooru, rule 34 and more have no sweat in loading. Why is this happening? How can I make them load right? I been told by a friend is a server thing, but I have a gut feeling is IOS fault.